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I'm Looking Through You

Speaking of! Some dude gets into his car in a parking garage, but he doesn't get anywhere before a transparent blur smashes his window and starts knocking his head against the steering wheel, all the better to wear him out for strangulation purposes!

Back at the lab, Walter has some news: First off, "Chameleon Man," as Walter is apparently calling him, is dying. As we watch a mouse making its way through a maze, Walter says that he's spent the past few hours trying to recreate what they assume Eugene is trying to do, his repigmentization. "The condition he was born with was killing him. If he is now attempting to reverse what was done to him, to make himself normal, or what was normal to him, then he is, in fact, committing suicide." He is, in a sense, poisoning himself. Walter allows that he might not be aware of that fact that his body would be reverting to the deadly condition he had when he was born.

At that, Walter picks up the mouse, which has reached the end of the maze. "How long until he dies?" asks Olivia, and Walter says that John will be fine. Lincoln has to clue Walter into the fact that Olivia wasn't asking about the mouse. "The human? Well, I can't say. I suppose it depends on how successful he is," says Walter.

Olivia points out that none of this matters if they can't actually find the guy. "How do we find something we can't see?" asks Lincoln.

And this reminds Walter of the other thing he wanted to tell them about. He turns off the lights (using a Clapper, naturally), and then shines some ultraviolet light on the maze. "Come on, Yoko, where are you?" he says. I assume in another cage somewhere, Paul, George and Ringo are working on their own mazes which they'll never solve as well as the mazes they solved with John.

Anyway, the UV light reveals a mouse that was heretofore invisible, so Walter couldn't remember that he TURNED A MOUSE INVISIBLE. "She's been there the whole time?" says Lincoln, but they don't get to enjoy this "holy shit!" moment for too long because Astrid says Broyles is on the phone: "They found another body."

It's the man in the car we just saw get killed. With the cops and FBI on the scene, the doorman leads the crew to the body -- albinofied -- and says it took him a little while to realize that it's "Mr. Ryerson."

Lincoln asks about the surveillance cameras, which were installed just a few weeks ago due to some break-ins. "And you say that nobody left the building?" There's an emergency alarm on the back door, and you were at the front door the whole time? You never walked away, not even to go to the bathroom?" says Olivia. The doorman says no, and he watched the security footage again, just to make certain. Olivia asks what she says she knows is an odd-sounding question: "Did any of the exterior doors open on their own?"

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