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I'm Looking Through You

Anyway, an agent radios Broyles to tell him about something he's going to want to see. Turns out it's sub-basement where all the pipes run, designed as a service bay. That's where the find all of Eugene's pigment-restoring equipment and all the tokens he's kept from everyone in the building -- he's been watching them. Lincoln, examining the equipment, says it looks like Olivia was right, that Euguene was trying to cure himself.

Picking up a heart-shaped locket, Olivia says, "This isn't about curing himself. This is about being seen." She looks at all the tchotchkes and doesn't say anything about how poor Peter is going through something similar.

Back to the elevator of awkward silences and unrequited love. The Object of Eugene's Affection is there when the door opens, but there's no sign of Eugene. She casts a quick glance out the doors. Nothing. Is that ... disappointment? Then, just before the doors close, Eugene sticks his hand in and gets in.

She smiles and says -- to his utter shock -- that she thought he wasn't coming today. "I see you every day. I thought you might have caught the cold that's been going around," she says. When Eugene can finally he speak, he croaks out a "no" and she says, "Well, that's good, then. It's too beautiful a day to be sick." Eugene's much too gobsmacked to even think about not staring creepily at her and saying, "The most beautiful." Gah! He introduces himself as Eugene, and Julie does likewise (I mean, as "Julie," not "Eugene," but you probably knew that). He stares at her just a little too intently (to the extent that you half-expect her to say, "Wait -- are you the person who broke into my apartment?" Instead, she just beams at him. After she gets off at her floor, Eugene stands there for a moment, looking at his blurry reflection in the brushed metal of the elevator, then he turns around, leans against the doors, smiles slightly, then slides down the door -- and dies. And yeah, yeah, it's touching and poignant in that he dies happy, realizing he was seen and known, only I can't help but thinking about the people he murdered.

On to the denouement, then, with Olivia visiting Nina to tell her that they found Eugene Bryant's body, so it's over now. Until the next thing, anyway.

Nina points out that Olivia could have called her with this news, but it seems like Olivia wanted to deliver a pointed little speech about how all Eugene ever wanted was to be like everyone else. "But how could he? He'd never be like anyone else. Not after what they did to him," she says. Nina thinks this has Olivia thinking about what was done to her. "Even with my colleagues, I'm different. Things that should bother me -- do you think it's possible the Cortexiphan trials stunted my emotions?"

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