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I'm Looking Through You

Olivia says this will eventually just become his life, which isn't exactly the most comforting statement I can think of. He asks if that's what happened to her, and she's all, "Yeah, uh, sort of."

Cut to a nervous-looking well-dressed man walking down an alley, furtively looking behind him. His cellphone rings. "Hi, babe. Are you close?" asks a woman when he answers. He says he's almost there, and he took the shortcut behind the theatre. He sounds a little off and she asks if he's OK, and he says he thinks he's being followed. Wait, did you feel that way before you took the shortcut down this deserted alley? His wife/girlfriend/whoever is all OMG! and asks who's following him. He says he doesn't know, and he's sure it's just his imagination. She wants to call the police, and he tells her no, he's just two blocks away from Willow. But Meg's already gone. Hello? Meg, if you call the police, I'm going to be so mad!

He purposely steps around a puddle of water and a few steps later he hears a splash. He looks behind him and sees the puddle rippling. That might quicken your step a little.

He's on the walkway to his building -- the atmospherically lit and overgrown bushes encroaching on the path -- and at the door when his cellphone rings. It's Meg, letting him know the police are on their way. Putting his key in the lock, he tells her that it's OK, that he's here, he's ... he doesn't even get the word "home" out before he's struck from behind by a transparent blur that knocks him into the foyer. The door swings shut, his key still dangling from the lock.

The police arrive, moments later (he is white). They find him dead in the lobby, hair white, eyes red. Albino-style. "Dear god, what happened to this guy?" asks one of the cops, after the other, Officer Grant, calls for an ambulance. Then Grant catches a glimpse of the vaguely humanoid blur in the lobby. So he's all "What the hell was that?" and starts firing, shattering the glass in the door window as the blur heads out the door and down the path. "What are you shooting at?" yells the other cop, and Grant is all, "I don't know!" I'm no cop -- and not a gun expert -- but I'm pretty sure that you're not supposed to fire your gun at "I don't know."

The cops' nerves aren't exactly helped by Meg running into the lobby, a little freaked out at the sound of gunshots and her dead husband lying there. She screams while the police hold her back and we get a good long look at his lifeless red eyes.

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