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I'm Looking Through You

And now it's time for the part of the Freak of the Week episode where we visit the Freak's lair! It's got tons of shelves and mementoes and keepsakes, necklaces and the like. There are huge vats simmering over burners, with tubes and uh ... Erlenmeyer ... uh ... Fahrenheit ... um ... flasks and ... whatever, there's lots of mad-scientist shit.

There's also a huge tub filled with bubbling water and a translucent greenish liquid, with a breathing apparatus hooked up inside even though there's no one in there. At least, it didn't look like there was, but then a humanoid shape starts to appear in the water, which then coalesces into an actual person, who sits up gasping and checking out his own skin.

And then he's all dried off with his hair combed and a suit on, pushing the down button for an elevator on the fourteenth floor. It arrives. The doors open. He looks inside, sees no one, lets the doors close and he pushes the button again.

This time, when the doors open, there's a woman there. So he can turn invisible and produce beautiful women out of empty elevators? Probably the best unnatural ability we've seen on Fringe yet.

He gets on. They don't say anything to each other, but stand there staring straight ahead, as you do. He looks like he's about to say something when the elevator dings again, and some guys gets on who immediately starts to make effortless small talk with the woman, and then they get off on the same floor, living Buddy behind, looking sad. He looks at his reflection in the elevator's button plate, and then he starts to disappear.

At the Harvard lab, Olivia's discovered that there have been three bodies similar to this one found in the area over the past two weeks and wonders why this is the first they're hearing about it. Astrid says that before they ran the medical records, the police just assumed the victims were all suffering from albinism. Uh -- well, then, shouldn't they have assumed that a serial killer was targeting albinos? Brief albinism PSA from Astrid, who tells us that it's more common than people think. And she hasn't found a DNA match for the killer yet, but he may not be in any databases. She's going to try hospitals next.

Meanwhile, Walter's examining Jack Zoephel and creeping Lincoln out by talking about how the Kishwahili tribe from Tanzania called albinos "Zeru" which means "ghosts and how witch doctors sometimes used body parts from albinos in portions for good luck or fortune." Good luck for anyone but an albino, I guess.

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