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Darkness in the Center of Town

After the commercial break everyone's in the gym, with Cliff's daughter, Lacey, looking through the window at the blurry landscape. As mini-tremors shake the school, a very worried Walter confesses to Olivia that he doesn't know what to do. "The two towns have merged together. They're creating an excess of mass and energy in the overlapping regions. The fundamental forces of physics are colliding -- out of balance, destroying everything," he says. She asks if there's anywhere they'll be safe. He says there isn't because two things can't occupy the same space without dire consequences -- both towns are going to be destroyed, and everyone along with them, he says.

Walter shuffles off, muttering "There's nothing we can do" to himself. That'll be great for morale! Olivia goes to Peter in the hopes that he'll talk to Walter, since he seems to respond to Peter. Peter puts down the shotgun shell he's playing with, like WHAT THE HELL, PETER, and goes to ask to Walter if the forces of nature that are colliding could be offset by opposite forces. Yes, says Walter, and that's really all it takes for him to remember that the sum of equal and opposite vectors is zero. "We need to find the place where the opposite forces meet and cancel out," he says, getting excited. The fabulous Bishop boys determine that they need to be in the centre of the merger, as that may be the only place that survives.

While they try to figure out exactly where that is, Olivia decides to rustle up a ride to take them there. She tells Cliff and Brian that they're working on finding a safe place to stay, but they're going to need vehicles to take them there. And since what's going on affects electronics, they can't be any fuel-injected engines. Your little Nissan Leaf's not looking so useful now, is it, Olivia? At any rate, they need older cars, from the 1970s, at least a couple of them. Brian's got a better idea, though.

Meanwhile, Walter and Peter have already found a town map and they're plotting coordinates on it based on estimation and memory, which I'm sure is always preferable when it comes to calculations, especially those on which your life depends. They plot where the town signs are and which building was the first to fall and they draw a bunch of lines and X's and come up with Cypress and Quimby as the centre. Vote Quimby! So everyone heads out of the school into a hurricane-strength wind as Brian pulls up with a school bus. "Need a ride?" he says, opening the doors, and I'm sure everyone appreciates his dry, cool wit as their entire town is literally disintegrating around them. Olivia shows him the map, and tells him to get to Cypress and Quimby, and he says there's a bike shop there. Everyone piles on the bus, screaming and crying, with Walter doing his best to reassure Lacey that everything's going to be fine, but then she screeches in terror because one of the survivors has suddenly lurched up from the back of the bus. He's got a second face, an upside-down one, growing out his other face, in a nice, creepy effect. Peter wrestles with the guy, but let's just pretend that he has the strength of two men, which is more than enough to overpower Peter, at least until Walter gives him a faceful of the pepper spray he's been carrying. Two-Face staggers backward, and Peter knocks him out with his shotgun then dumps the body out the back door, and the bus gets on its way.

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