Welcome to Westfield

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Darkness in the Center of Town

After the commercial break though, the bus is blocked by a power pole that's fallen across the street and landed on a car. Peter, Brian and Olivia get off the bus to check it out. "That's not moving," says Peter, so Olivia orders everyone off the bus -- they're going to hoof it from there. As the ragtag band of survivors runs up the street, the bus shakes out of view. Everyone piles into the bike shop. Sure hope your calculations are right, guys, especially since there are four corners on the intersection and businesses all around. But as Walter gets to the door, he turns around. "Peter, you were right. This is it. This is the eye of the storm." He can feel it. Good thing the eye of the storm is exactly bike shop-shaped, I suppose. Inside, Walter's quite calm, despite everyone freaking out around him. His words of reassurance go unheeded as the windows blow out, everyone screaming and huddling on the floor. Through the window, across the street, we can a building get sucked out of existence, and everything goes black.

Wherever the "Welcome to Westfield" sign was, it got blown right in front of the bike shop. The wind has stopped, and the survivors, all go to the front window to stare out in shock at what's left of their town, which is nothing. Like literally nothing. All the buildings are gone. Even the landscape looks zeroed out and grey.

Later, Broyles is now on scene, along with an ambulance and fire truck -- must have been an interesting drive for them, given that highway doesn't exist anymore, right? As we see that the merger left a few buildings untouched on this little piece of Cypress and Quimby, Broyles tells Olivia that search teams scanned the entire area and found no other survivors. But they did find several unusual devices placed around the perimeter of the town, as well as trace amounts of amphilicite. It's still a mystery to Olivia why Jones would destroy a town that people didn't even know was here to begin with. Broyles has no answers on that score, but the amount of amphilicite recovered from the devices is only a fraction of what Jones stole.

Anyway, after Broyles leaves to take a call from a "Director Norris," Olivia goes to check on the Hayes family. Everyone seems to be doing all right, except Cliff's wondering how his home and everything he's ever known could just disappear. She tells him the Bureau will help with temporary housing until they back on their feet, and Cliff talks a little bit about how they've got each other, and that's a lot. For looooove, they'll give it a shot. Anyway, this is unlike loveless Olivia, right?

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