Welcome to Westfield

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Darkness in the Center of Town

Everyone seems to be OK (except for the cook), and Peter tells the others about the wounded guy in the back room. Everyone heads back there, although Walter takes a moment to check the eyes of the cook again, to have another look at the curiously hourglass-shaped irises. Also, he grabs a few of the customer-comment cards so that everyone can give the diner low marks in the customer-service category.

Walter examines the unconscious wounded guy. He's got weak pulse pressure, thanks to a puncture in his arm. "An inch to the right, it would've hit his brachial artery," he says. I'm going to assume that would have been bad. Meanwhile, Olivia's found the other body, and Peter wonders if the cook was a serial killer. Olivia, though, thinks there's something off about the whole town: "The whole place is deserted. I can't get a cell signal. All the phone lines are down," she says. Walter's perturbed to discover they can't call in an ambulance, since Buddy has lost too much blood for Walter to treat him there. So they pile into the SUV to take the guy to the nearest hospital, twenty miles away. They pass the "Now Leaving Westfield" sign, and then Cliff starts to come around. Walter tells him that he's injured. Indeed, there's also blood around his mouth. "We're going to get you to a hospital," says Walter, but Cliff moans that they can't leave. Walter assures him he'll be fine, and asks his name. "Cliff Hayes," says Cliff.

Meanwhile, Olivia drives past the "Welcome to Westfield" sign again, much to her and Peter's surprise. "You must've gotten turned around someplace," says Peter. Yeah, on the straight road you've been driving for twenty seconds. Peter tells her she just has to stay on the main road, and it's always fun to get condescending directions from the passenger seat. Olivia says she thought she did that, and in a moment, they pass the "Now Leaving Westfield" sign again. And then in another moment, they pass the "Welcome to Westfield" sign again too. "What the hell is going on here?" asks Olivia. Cliff's in the back, muttering over and over again, "We can't leave, we can't leave," and Walter's all, "Yeah, maybe we should LISTEN TO THIS GUY." They're trapped!

So they wind up parking at the deserted Westfield sheriff's office. No luck with the payphone there either. Peter and Walter carry Cliff in and set him down, and then Peter goes in search of a first aid kit in the hopes there may be an IV in it so they can try a transfusion. In a lucky break (!) Walter is Type O negative, so he can donate.

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