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Someday She’ll Find It, The Rainbow Connection

And now everyone's gathering in Doomsday Hall, with overload at ninety percent. Peter shakes Walternate's hand and then goes to tell Broyles it's time. While the white-coated scientists and civilians file out, Peter and Lincoln have a little chat, where -- big surprise -- Lincoln has taken Peter's trite nonsense about home being where the heart is to, well, heart, and has decided that he'd like to continue mooning over Fauxlivia, so he's staying on the other side. I'm sure Peter can relate, especially as he watches Lincoln gaze in Fauxlivia's direction. Plus, they're down a Lincoln over there. They shake hands, and Peter says it's been a pleasure working with him and getting to be his friend. Lincoln's expression is a little inscrutable. It could mean, "Likewise," or there's an outside chance it means, "Oh, we're friends? Well, we're about to be sealed off, so no sense making a whole thing of it."

And Siri is still counting off the overload percentage -- currently at ninety-three per cent -- but there doesn't appear to be too much urgency on anyone's part. It's time for Fauxlivia and Olivia to say their goodbyes. Fauxlivia tells her there's a lot of things about her that she wishes she had and a lot of things about her that she admires. Olivia says she was just about to say the same thing about her. "Keep looking up. After it rains. Keep looking up," says Olivia. Fauxlivia says she will, and then the two of them part without hugging or making out or anything.

Then Fauxlivia's a little surprised when, with overload at ninety-five percent, Lincoln strolls over to take his place on her side. "Thought you could use a little help," he says, then conspiratorially whispers that he's going to need her help finding an apartment. Fauxlivia, figure out your reaction quick, because it's not like he can just move back to Boston-1. And then she smiles, and so does he. Walternate and Walter stare at each other across the way and then Walter fiddles with the control panel. Broyles looks around. Aw, nobody for Broyles! Even Astrid gets an endearingly awkward wave from the Farnsworthbot! Astrid looks like she's going to cry and now I kinda feel like doing so too. Olivia and Lincoln nod at each other and now Peter is smirking at someone, like HAVE WE EXHAUSTED EVERY POSSIBLE COMBINATION YET and now overload is at a hundred per cent. "That's it. It's time," says a slightly choked-up Walter and he does the whatever that he needs to do and everything starts to shimmer and shake, with a load whine crescendoing into a roar -- and then the people and the equipment on the other side are simply gone. Our heroes continue staring across the way for a moment. Walter strides over to Peter. "I think I shall miss them, more than I imagined," says Walter. Peter puts his hand on Walter's shoulder and then we're done, rather effectively leaving me feeling a little empty. I kept expecting a last-minute twist or a scene with the folks on the other side, but nope. Just some kids yelling at a bad robot in a field.

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