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Someday She’ll Find It, The Rainbow Connection

Similarly, a hiker hustles to get into position by the base of the Himalayas. Turns out Nepal's topography is strikingly similar to British Columbia's!

Finally, in Manhattan, a hooded figure gets out of a taxi and strides -- twenty seconds left -- to the middle of an intersection, causing much honking. And then, once they've positioned themselves, they wait. They close their eyes -- Manhattan man oblivious to the honking of the irritated cab drivers around him -- and then things start to shake and they all get huge veins popping out of their foreheads. The ground cracks around Manhattan Man's feet, and we go to the opening credits as the world seems to be going to hell.

Afterwards, we're back in the powwow, with Fauxlivia confused as to how Jones plans to destroy two universes and live through it, but Peter reminds them that when he merged the two Westfields, there was still one area left standing: "Perhaps it was a test. A way to ensure his survival," he says. Walter theorizes that Jones will be using a safe zone to protect himself and his abominations-of-nature species that he's creating. "After all, he will have to populate this new world." Broyles asks if Walter means like Noah's ark and that is what Walter means and I'm just glad that Walter doesn't mean Jones plans to have sex with the porcupine bats.

A soldier comes in to tell Walternate that he's got a message from command, and the Secretary excuses himself, while Broyles asks if there's anything that could stop Jones. "Short of killing him, I don't know," says Walter. And then the agents' phones start ringing, so Peter takes the moment to quietly tell Walter that he did great. Walter morosely says Walternate can't even stay in the same room as him and Peter points out that Walternate listened to him. They all did. In fact, Walter, Walternate stuck up for you when the others were scoffing. He's the Secretary of Defense, so sometimes he needs to take a message Walter.

Broyles gets off the phone and tells the Bishops that emergency services are getting multiple reports of earthquakes all over the world. Fauxlivia reports that it's happening on their side too. "It's Jones," says Walter. Oh, that's your answer for everything!

In New York's Fringe Division, the Farnsworthbot gives Lincoln and Fauxlivia the scoop: twenty-seven earthquakes, most of them nowhere near the major fault lines, all starting at exactly the same time at the same locations in both universes. With that kind of synchronization, Fauxlivia figures that it's got to have a trigger, presumably amphilicite. Lincoln says he'll coordinate a search with the other side. "I wonder how you say amphilicite in Mandarin," he says.

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