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Someday She’ll Find It, The Rainbow Connection

Anyway, poor Nick Lane had a vision of the earthquake in which he was right in the middle of it -- but the thing of it was he didn't even know about the earthquakes at the time; he only found out about them later. "How is that possible?" he asks Lincoln, who might be tempted (as I would have been) to say, "Oh, that's easy: coincidence." But we know it's not going to be coincidence.

Meanwhile, at Earth-1's Harvard, Astrid calls Peter and Olivia over to look at some shaky cellphone video of the earthquake in Sydney. While everyone else runs for cover, there's a woman standing there, not moving. Yeah, you know who else is just standing there? THE PERSON TAKING THE CELLPHONE VIDEO, for some reason. Olivia asks Astrid if she thinks this woman caused the earthquake -- Astrid doesn't know, but she points out the woman is standing at the epicenter. Maybe she's the trigger.

Olivia asks Astrid to try to sharpen the image of the woman's face and answers her ringing cellphone -- it's Lincoln, calling from the bridge to tell her about the man with the vision of the Manhattan earthquake, like he was remotely viewing our earthquake from their side. (In his vision, there were no Twin Towers. Is that something he'd really notice if he was seeing it through the eyes of someone at street level here?) She asks if they know who the guy is and Lincoln tells her it's a citizen named Nick Lane.

So Olivia goes back to the computer and looks closer at the woman in the epicenter. Astrid says they'll run it through facial recognition, but Olivia tells her not to bother: Her name is Sally Clark. Peter's jaw practically drops through the floor.

Astrid's insta-face recognition confirms that it's Sally and explains about Sally and Nick Lane being part of the Cortexiphan trials. Olivia thinks Jones isn't using amphilicite to trigger the earthquakes, but Cortexiphan subjects themselves.

After a commercial break, Walter is doing that thing he does where he seems impressed to the point of envy of some evil genius's scheme and explains that Jones is using the Cortexiphan kids to link to their counterparts in the other universe and blah blah blah "science" blah blah blah vibrations and frequencies bullshit. Walter says he has underestimated Jones. "The man must have a remarkable mind to devise a plan like this," says Walter. Yeah, not to mention EVERYTHING ELSE JONES HAS DONE.

Peter, looking somewhat pessimistic, asks Walter if the connection between the two universes could be what's facilitating the psychic link. Walter figures it's possible. "What if we severed it?" asks Peter.

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