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So here's Olivia hooked up and relaying to the rest of them what Earth-2's Nick Lane is seeing: it's our Nick Lane strolling along a sidewalk. Wait, shouldn't we be seeing this from Nick's point of view? Instead of from an outside party? Wouldn't that make more sense? Or as much sense as anything else? She manages to identify a train station in Salem, and Peter and Lincoln and the Fringe agents roll on out of there.

Meanwhile, Olivia's watching Our Nick wandering around now, carrying a map. She can see people in their early 20s wandering around, carrying books. It's Salem Bay University! He's on campus! Fauxlivia urges Walter to draw more out, as it's a pretty big campus. Oh sure, Salem Bay University. Home of the Chowderheads! Look for the guy sitting on the library steps with a guitar! Or someone who has stuck his speakers facing out into the quad so he can share his sweet tunes with everyone!

All she can see are nondescript brick buildings, so it's fortunate that the field agents stop their product-placed vehicles near what appear to be the exact same building. Our Nick, meanwhile, is checking his watch -- and Olivia can see now that it's a timer with sixteen seconds left -- and standing in the middle of a patch of grass, closing his eyes. "He's going to trigger another earthquake," says Olivia.

Anyway, the agents are right there and surround Nick with guns and everyone back at Harvard is happy at the victory. Only they didn't really stop anything except for, I suppose, one earthquake at Salem Bay University. Astrid reports that there are earthquakes in Tulsa, Vancouver, Florence and Bogata. I'm hearing lots of problems, but not a lot of solutions guys!

While Our Nick Lane sits in an interrogation room, Broyles is in his office telling Olivia, Walter and Peter is that the news reports are saying that increased solar activity has caused fluctuations in the Earth's magnetic field. Except for Fox News, which is blaming the earthquakes on Obama.

Broyles' wants to know how Jones convinces twenty-seven Cortexiphan Kids to help him destroy the world. No one has an answer (except for Peter and his is a smart-ass one about how he doubts that was the sales pitch). He examines the timer, which Peter tells him contains tech not from Earth-1 and Broyles says maybe they can try tracing the parts.

The other big question that Broyles has is if this is indeed how Jones plans to destroy the universes, how many more earthquakes is it going to take? Walter's surprised it hasn't happened already, which isn't much help to Broyles who has been called to Washington where "they" want to discuss shutting off the machine. "I've been inclined to argue that we still have better options, but suddenly I'm not so sure," he says. Well, have you tried assigning more than a handful of agents to the task of preventing the destruction of two universes? Let's try that first and then see where we are. Olivia says she'll interrogate to Our Nick Lane and maybe she can get him to tell them where David Robert Jones is: "We knew each other. As children," she says. Have I mentioned how much I love that DRJ's name lends itself to saying the whole thing every time he's mentioned? Like if a Fringe agent just said "Jones" someone might say, "Steve Jones? From the Sex Pistols?"

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