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Someday She’ll Find It, The Rainbow Connection

So she goes into the interrogation room and introduces herself to Nick -- the Peter reset erased the previous interactions, I keep forgetting that -- and says they knew each other long ago, but he remembers "Olive," of course. He half-chuckles. "You're FBI. Of course you are."

She gets right to it: She needs him to tell her where David Robert Jones is. He says he won't, but she doesn't have to worry. Glancing at the one-way glass -- Broyles and Walter are watching from the other side -- he says, "I know they're watching. But we're on the same side." He tells her that what they were prepared for as children, the war is happening now and Jones is on their side: "That's why you don't have to worry about him. He's protecting us."

"Oh, no," murmurs Walter, making Broyles nervous. Walter says he thinks he understands.

In the interrogation room, Olivia's learning that Nick sees himself as defending their world, along with the others. He says he doesn't have any contact with the others, just with Jones. And he'd thought of Olivia and he assumed she was working with them. "I guess you have been, in a way."

She asks him how creating earthquakes protects them and he gives a chilling answer that includes the phrase "collateral damage." He also says that the earthquakes here haven't been that bad, but the damage on the other side is far worse. "It's almost over. Jones has one more offensive and the other side will surrender."

Olivia, starting to get a little angry, tells Our Nick that Jones has lied to him and that there is no war -- that our world is helping to heal theirs, but Jones wants to destroy them both. "And he's using you to help him. Where. Is. Jones?" Nick looks away, all, "Jesus, when did Olive become such a pill?

Meanwhile, Peter has taken apart the wrist timer and is examining its components, with Lincoln watching because I guess he's got nothing better to do. Peter finds a resistor that's labeled and is the only piece of the watch that's not off-market, so it might be traceable.

Since Lincoln is tight with Earth-2, Peter asks what they think of closing the bridge. Lincoln shrugs and says they want to survive, so what can they do? Peter says it's weird to think of never seeing them again, like THAT'S going to happen. But, he adds, that if the bridge does have to be closed, at least everything goes back to the way it's supposed to be. Uh, says the guy from Earth-2 who's living on Earth-1. Lee points that out, a little less "Seriously, dude?" than my reaction, but Peter explains that he's decided that home is where the heart is and Lincoln stands there silently because how do you respond to, "Things should go back to the way they're supposed to be but I'd like to continue banging Olivia"?

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