Worlds Apart

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Someday She’ll Find It, The Rainbow Connection

Then the timer beeps and Peter turns it over so we can see that it has started to count down from six hours. "Did you do that?" asks Lincoln. No, says Peter, quietly.

Back to the interrogation room, where Nick watches through the open door as Olivia gets updated on something and she comes in to tell him that the quakes are about to happen again. Nick wisely says, "Yeah, so I'm going to have to go, because if I miss another quake, old man Jones is really going to give me shit."

Olivia lays on the "everything you know and everyone you may love will cease to exist" routine and tells him that he's the only one who can stop that from happening.

He smirks. "Everyone I love?" Then he launches into a monologue that eats up pretty much the entire six hours, all about how strong Olive was, but not him and how when his family moved away from Jacksonville he started having bad thoughts that got worse when he went to college.

He contemplated suicide, and decided that cutting his wrist would be the least painful -- like drifting off to sleep. "I had a sister. Kendra. The night I was gonna do it, I had the knife in my hand and my parents called." His sister was dead, having slit her wrists in the tub.

That's when he found out he was a reverse empath, that his emotions were contagious, according to Jones. "That is what Walter Bishop and William Bell did to me," he spits. On the other side of the glass, Walter flinches.

Nick continues, explaining that Jones found him a couple of years ago and knew all the old words. "He said the truce was broken, that the other side was coming over now -- that he needed warriors." Right! They need to fight the Gramercy Riffs and the Baseball Furies! Jones also taught him how to control his feelings so he wouldn't hurt any more people and how to channel the untapped energy in his brain so he could help protect their world.

Olivia says she knows what Jones told him helped him make sense of his life and what he's gone through (also "what we have gone through," she says, because she's looking to exploit their own connection too), but Jones is lying. She tells him that she's been over to the other side and they aren't our enemies. Even the double that sleeps with your boyfriend? She tells him they do have a way to stop the assaults even if he doesn't help, but it would mean severing ties and not healing their world anymore. She tells him to think of the fate of all the innocent people: "You're the only person that can help him," she says. He sits there, thinking about it, looking conflicted. He looks at Olivia, eyes wet. He swallows. We go to commercial.

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