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Someday She’ll Find It, The Rainbow Connection

Apparently, he gave the thumbs-up during the commercial break, because when we come back he's on the Fringe floor with Olivia and Walter, who are briefing him on the intel they have so far. Nick, with a scar on the side of his head in the shape of a two, seems a little disconcerted by being in the presence of Walter Bishop and the feeling appears entirely mutual; Walter can't meet Nick's gaze at all.

At any rate, they're hoping Nick can help them determine where Jones' presumed safe zone might be when he collapses the universes, but Nick shrugs and says Jones usually came to him and met him in public places, never the same place twice. Except for one time that they met at a warehouse, filled with equipment, machines he didn't recognize. He says he can take them back there.

Road trip! Olivia brings a whole Fringe gang with her as they pull up at the warehouse -- Nick confirms it's the right one, because he remembers the frosted windows. The SWAT team storms the warehouse, which is completely empty, while Nick waits nervously outside in an SUV with a sole agent. It's Agent Tim, everyone!

Inside, the agents are making their way towards the sound of some heavy machinery because, as Peter points out, Walter did say Jones would need to generate a powerful force field.

In the SUV, Agent Tim tells an agitated Nick that it's going to be OK, but Nick thinks something went wrong, because they've been in there too long. Agent Tim looks at him a little longer than he should before saying, "You don't know that." And then Nick starts in with the "He lied to me and I didn't even question it" and the "I'm pathetic" and it's all the more spine-tingling because you know that Nick knows exactly what he's doing, as Agent Tim starts to look increasingly bummed out. "I should have just done it. I should have killed myself. You feel that, don't you?" says Nick.

The search teams come up empty and the loud machinery they heard turns out to be just an air-conditioning unit. And then Agent Tim radios to let them know they've got a problem.

When Olivia gets to the SUV, she finds no Nick just an apologetic Agent Tim, who has stabbed himself in the gut with a pen. "Suddenly, I just got so sad, so mad at myself, I just wanted it to end," he says. Peter calls the medic over and we cut to a shot of Nick in a crowd -- and then he's gone.

Back to the bridge. The giant red countdown clock tells us there's forty-seven minutes left. All the Fringe folks from both universes are gathered in the conference room, except for Broyles, who strolls in to inform them that Washington has decided to support whatever they decide in this room. Passed the buck! Those clowns in Congress are at it again. What a bunch of clowns!

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