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I'll See You In Hell! (From Heaven)

...and, without further ado, we cut to Windmark getting off the MoS elevator, flanked by two underling Observers. They walk up to Nina's office, which would be more dramatic and ominous if I weren't wondering why they didn't just teleport there and, ignoring the blonde, they march into Nina's office, which is now empty of her. The blonde follows them in and Windmark -- after regarding her for a moment -- announces that she's a Loyalist and, as such, she must know how important it is that she answer his questions. Well, I guess, but I wouldn't necessarily blame her for reserving judgment on that front until she actually hears them. Of course, he might mean that he'll fry her from the inside out if she doesn't answer the questions, in which case I'd have to agree that it's pretty important from her perspective to comply, so carry on. In response to Windmark's first question, Blonde Loyalist tells him that Nina got a call a little while ago and then took an early lunch. When Windmark hears this, he tells one of his henchObservers to bring "an LQ-7 unit," at which point the guy teleports out of there, like WHERE DID YOU GET SUCH AN IDEA. Blonde Loyalist says that Nina's always back by one o'clock, although you'd think that if she took an early lunch, she might feel the need to be back sooner. Government workers, am I right? Windmark tells Blonde Loyalist that "fugitives we are seeking" recently used a sublimation device to access an abandoned storage facility and the Observers traced the device to the MoS. Blonde Loyalist looks so stressed out her face tattoo might melt, but Windmark tells her he doesn't believe she was responsible and she practically collapses with relief. Of course, it'll be a little awkward if Nina ever makes it back to the MoS, but I didn't get the sense these two were office BFFs anyway.

Sometime soon after, I'm guessing -- if TELEPORTATION was involved -- the Observers are setting up the aforementioned device, which includes the sticking up of electrodes around the office (using, I think, suction cups? Super high-tech there) and spraying the glass on the door with some kind of investigative chemical, I guess, and then scanning it and, as I said, in the recaplet it's like C.S.I.: Observers, with the result, I think, that they're able to pull residual traces of Nina's phone conversation out of the glass in the door. I'm kind of glad that the Observers, at least, don't feel the need to explain the "science" of this to us. One of the henchObservers fiddles with the recording enough that we can hear a heavily electronic version of Nina's voice saying that it's not safe for her to talk, which is obviously all Windmark needs to convict, and that's as good a place as any to go to opening credits...

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