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I'll See You In Hell! (From Heaven)

...particularly the awesome thoughtcrime version they have here. Someday, the technology will exist for us to view a supercut of all the different Fringe openers, you know?

In a not-particularly-dark-or-secret alley, Olivia and Nina meet, and when Olivia thanks her for taking such a risk, Nina replies that she's nothing if she can't be a resource for Olivia. Olivia doesn't quite know what to say to that, so Nina asks where the boy is, and in response, Olivia looks across the street where Michael's standing with that same blank look on his face as Peter and Walter chat. They're both smiling so big I wonder if the camera caught them breaking. You have to admit Walter's been a bit conversationally sour lately. As if to illustrate my point, Nina's been there for like two seconds when Walter's like, "Get a move on, I'm cold," and Nina on a bad day seems more capable than like almost everyone I know, but you'd think Walter could still temper his impatience given that she's IN A WHEELCHAIR. Rather than hit him with the boxing glove she has built into her chair, though (if Stephen Hawking had it on The Simpsons, I don't see why Nina wouldn't too), Nina tells the group that she has access to tech that she thinks might help them communicate with Michael, which is in a nearby "black lab." Olivia's like, I thought Massive Dynamic black labs didn't exist, and rather than be like, "that's the point, dumbass," Nina merely gives a playful smile and says she's glad she can still surprise Olivia. Yeah, having seen the whole episode, I think it's fair to say that's true. Nina goes on that since the invasion, she's allowed the Resistance to use the lab. Then, as if on cue, they see a bunch of Loyalist vehicles nearby and decide to get a move on...

...which they do, but Peter hangs back to talk to Nina, who asks him how Walter's doing. Peter essentially is like, not great, and admits that sometimes when he looks into Walter's eyes, he sees something he doesn't recognize. He goes on that Walter told him about Nina agreeing to remove the pieces of his brain once the Observers are defeated, and Nina realizes he doesn't approve, but Peter's just wondering what will happen to Walter after. "How many times can a human brain endure something like that?" Nina evenly replies that Walter was willing to take the risk and when Peter complains that he doesn't accept that, I wonder what choice he thinks he has. But Nina does me one better in telling Peter it could be a moot point anyway: "If the plan isn't completed in time, he may regress completely and no longer want to go through with it." Peter's like, so I lose him either way. And this is the kind of boo-hooing I'd think people fighting on behalf of the world wouldn't take the time to indulge in, but I guess Peter's been through a lot lately already, and it also fits character-wise with the Etta-related reason why he and Olivia broke up in the first place. Also, he looks good saying it, at least. Nina tells Peter that Walter understands that anything worth fighting for comes with a cost. Hey, easy for her to say!

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