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I'll See You In Hell! (From Heaven)

Speaking of Etta, up the street, Olivia sees a big poster of her labeled "Resistance," and it's kind of hilarious how good her hair and makeup were for what's essentially supposed to be a mug shot. When Peter walks up, he follows Olivia's eyes and there's some good, understated work by both Torv and Jackson as they exchange a short but significant look.

Back at the MoS, it's 1:15 and Windmark looks hilariously put out that Nina's varied her routine the ONE DAY they came in to capture and torture her. How dare she! A henchObserver wonders if she might have been warned off and they don't show Blonde Loyalist, but I'm guessing she just clenched even if she doesn't know why. Windmark intones that every conspiracy has a network and it's an unfortunate effect of his overly serious delivery that just about everything he says sounds to me like he's reading it from a fortune cookie. Windmark says he wants to see the facility from which the sublimation device was taken, and I hate to keep harping on this, but the woman is IN A WHEELCHAIR. You can't wait until 1:30? (Also, how hard would it have been to put out a "silver-haired lady in a wheelchair" APB?)

If I were this group, I'd be worried that marching down the street en masse to go to the black lab might not be the greatest idea -- and regardless of what Nina said about it being close by, this part of town doesn't even look like it's in the same state as the big city in which they just were -- but whatever. Nina punches in the code to open a door that looks, on the outside, like a nondescript entrance to a small commercial or industrial space. However, when the door slides up, it reveals the door to a passenger elevator, surrounded by concrete on both sides. The group silently boards the elevator, the door to which closes without incident.

Downstairs, Nina scans her ID card to get the lights turned on. She motors forward into the lab while calling to Olivia to keep Michael back for a moment, and I didn't know what she was on about at first, but it is nice of her to consider that the test subjects therein might be the teensiest bit upsetting for him. Of course, Walter would probably toss him in one of the pods just to get a reaction, but there will be time enough for that later. Inside, Walter and Peter see, well, dead (it would seem, anyway) Observers in pods, and that's not a revelation for me on second viewing, but it still seems like an appropriate point at which to go to commercial.

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