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I'll See You In Hell! (From Heaven)

Back at the lab, Peter puts The Teacher Lite on Michael's head and Olivia assures him it won't hurt. I'm glad she knows enough about Observer physiology to underwrite that statement. Walter announces that Michael's cortical activity is "off the charts," because they have lots of charts (a binder full of them?) of Observer cortical activity and Nina adds that the neural link is good, so they're ready. Olivia tells Michael that if he wants to stop at any point, he should squeeze her hand and I guess since he's not talking that makes sense as a safe word. Anyway, when Olivia asks him a question, Walter can see that Michael's brain is responding to the question, but Nina is unable to get a translation, as Michael is processing information in a way different from the other Observers, like WHAT A SURPRISE. Walter concludes that something has fundamentally changed in Michael's brain that has made it impossible for them to communicate in the way they did before, but Nina comes up with the idea to get Michael to try to read their minds; that way, he'll know what they want on an empathic level and will be able to respond. It sounds like horseshit to me, but Walter proclaims it "brilliant" and I'm sure it can be both. Besides, it's not exactly the episode in which to talk back to Nina. Nina says in order for this to work, she'll have to reconfigure her software and also, they'll have to break into the warehouse at the MoS to get another Teacher Lite and a neural adapter for the person who's going to link with Michael. She goes on that she's got a man in Archives who will hook them up and Walter's brain isn't so mushy that he can't fish out the name "Hastings."

Unfortunately, back at the warehouse, Hastings is waiting on the stairs to be questioned, and given his lack of a face tattoo, I'm not sure he's going to get the easy version of the interrogation. After the break, he's right up at the top of the line when his phone rings and maybe looking like the dude whose phone goes off at a quiet point in a movie isn't the way to throw off suspicion here? Also, when he fishes the phone out -- cell tech has really advanced over the years -- the number of the incoming call is given as "458568649596080141," like, if the population has exploded enough for that many numbers to be needed, I'm not sure how the camera crews are fitting in here.

The Fringe crew is just arriving at the warehouse as Olivia announces that she still can't get through to Hastings. Walter grumps that the situation is "intolerable," like, you're not exactly helping on that front, guy, and they also let us know that they can't get the pass code from Nina, because her cell won't work underground. For some reason I guess they need to hit us over the head that GPS signals still can't be tracked underground, but regardless -- NICE TO THINK OF THAT NOW -- I suppose they'll benefit from a similar lack of competence on the part of the Observers later. Anyway, at least this means Astrid gets a scene, as Peter calls her with the model number of the electronic lock.

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