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I'll See You In Hell! (From Heaven)

...while back in the warehouse, Olivia sees, next to a now-unconscious Hastings, a guard come in and report something to Windmark, and Windmark and his team promptly teleport out. Olivia relays this news...

...and then, when two guards come in to collect Hastings, saying they're going to make an example out of him, Olivia gets to be like, "My thoughts exactly," before she and Peter shoot the guards down. It's no "Ice to see you," but it still probably felt good. (Sorry, I don't know why I'm acting like I just watched all the episode ever of The Simpsons for the first time.) Hastings has recovered enough consciousness to tell them despairingly that Windmark now knows where Nina is and yep, that's another act break right there.

In the lab, Nina returns to find Michael standing and waiting for her. Perceiving his question, she tries to cover and tells him everything's going to be fine, but his empathic nature is not fooled, and after a moment, he steps to her and touches her face, whereupon something courses through her that makes her sit up in her chair. She smiles in realization and looks at him in a new light, but the moment unfortunately can't last, as she follows his eyes to the security-camera feed, on which we see the Observers pulling up... in cars? Sure. I mean, yes, they have humans with them, but with time seeming to be of the essence I'd think they would have been like, "Meet us there, lower beings." Nina closes up the feed display and tells Michael to come with her...

...while the Fringe team realizes that there's a checkpoint in their way. With Loyalist military scanning the cars up ahead of them, Peter realizes they need to ditch the car while they can, so they get out one at a time and head to a nearby (and unsecured) parking garage and break into and hotwire a different vehicle without incident (despite lugging big, heavy, suspicious-looking cases right by military personnel). Since nothing really comes of it, I guess the story obstacle serves the purpose of delaying them from getting back to Nina in time, but this would be moot if the Observers had used their TELEPORTATION HELLO. Also, how easy is it going to be to evade this checkpoint, even in a different car? The episode does a good job of hiding it, but for being four from the end it contains rather a lot of filler.

Windmark gets on the elevator as more Loyalists arrive; when it doesn't move, he simply teleports downstairs, which puts paid to the idea that the Observers have to have seen where they're going in order to use that ability, which to my way of thinking is the last possibility that would have explained the CARS HELLO. Then, when he materializes downstairs, a couple Observers follow, but the elevator opens and disgorges a bunch of humans? Could Windmark not push the "down" button? We think at first from the tight camera angle and Windmark's "Find them" that the place might be deserted, but no -- when Windmark steps forward, the camera moves to reveal that Nina is there, looking unbowed. He asks her where the "fugitives" are, but she tells him he's too late -- they're long gone. He wonders what it is about them that instills such "misguided loyalty" in her and, getting only a defiant look in response, realizes that she's attempting to block her thoughts from him. "But it will not last." Even Nina looks a bit scared at that one, but Windmark's attention is soon diverted as, sensing something untoward, he approaches one of the pods and pulls the white covering off it. When he sees what's inside, for a moment, his face loses that detached expression, and he turns to Nina: "You... animals."

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