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Sex, Lies, and Videotape

Back in the gym, Chandler is working out all of his sexual frustration and Oedipal desires by whacking away at the punching bag. Peter enters, and you just know someone's going to throw down. Chandler removes his gloves and gets straight to the point. He knows, that Peter knows, that he and Heather know each other in the biblical sense of the word. Peter tells him not to worry about it. Lots of guys sleep with their fathers' wives: Greek tragedies, B-movies, torrid novels, and Aaron Spelling productions. Chandler protests his ignorance, but Petey doesn't let him off the hook so easily. Finally the glimmer has come off of Chandler's golden-boy image. Now, it's Chandler who's the coward and the liar. Chandler has no recourse but to agree...and to rush right up to Daddy's room and tell Richard, himself.

Speaking of which, Richard's currently getting one last bit of...

Cut to Peter trying to prevent Chandler from spilling the beans to...

Richard suddenly grabbing at his chest, barely able to breathe.

Undaunted, Chandler busts open the door to find his father motionless on the bed. Heather's already on the phone with 9-1-1. She gave herself enough time to slip into a bathrobe -- a really ugly one, too. Chandler rushes to his father's aid and...oh, gross -- now they're kissing. Uh, wait. It could be CPR.

Fade out.

Next week: the voice-over tells us that Richard's already dead. No use in building any suspense or desire to see what happened. Kudos, NBC. I mean, you never see ER handled that poorly.

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