Full Faith and Credit

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Full Faith and Credit

Outside, Bullock is talking to Jane and Charlie about this whole Steve/Hostetler drama. "Charlie read me the telegram, then I seen 'em come into camp..." she recounts, "my exact fuckin' thought: Look, Jane, two dead n*ggers leading a dead fucking horse." Charlie says that should the matter have come to rope, it would be Steve the Drunk cinching the noose. Man, how did Steve get this nickname out of all the drunk bastards in camp? Jane says that Charlie's right. "Fucking Steve," she says, shaking her head. "The exact type malicious cocksucker tars every fucking drunk with his brush." Brilliant on so many levels.

They are interrupted by Trixie who begrudgingly delivers the loan documents to Bullock. "This succeeds, Bullock, what you're trying to work out here," Jane tells him as he walks away, "I will doff hat to you, and no fuckin' mistake." Charlie comments to Jane now about Joanie maybe selling her building, and a look of real worry crosses her face. Aw, Jane. Bullock picks up the documents from Trixie who tries to communicate, to no avail because she won't come right out with it, her concerns about the bad element hanging around the bank. I watched this a few times before I got it -- she's worried about Leon selling dope to Alma. Of course he doesn't get it, and you know how it makes Trixie mad when people don't divine her meaning out of thin air, so she calls him an asshole and marches away.

A very pretty, unknown woman descends the stairs at the Grand Central. "Trailing clouds of glory," E.B. says, complimenting her loveliness. "Do you read Wordsworth?" she asks, polite. E.B., no doubt surprised that she would speak to him, answers that he does not, and asks why she would ask. "You've just quoted him," she explains. "Well, I have a digest from which I memorize," he says, "suppressing the authors' names." He tells her to enjoy her supper and she turns to go into the restaurant. "When," E.B. whispers to himself, "will I raise courage to search that woman's room?" Whoever this woman is, and I hope we soon find out, she already has a rep with Aunt Lou. "Don't look to take her order," the cook whispers to Richardson about the woman. "She likes to draw awhile before she eats." Nearby, Claudia and the other member of Langrishe's company, the countess, read mail from the rest of their troupe who are reportedly having a difficult time getting out of Nebraska or some place like that -- I can't worry about, and do not care about, these damn people until they show up! Quit taking me away from the action! There are too many fools to keep up with already without adding invisible ones.

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