Full Faith and Credit

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Full Faith and Credit

At another table, Joanie is putting her deal forward to Langrishe. They come to an understanding about the Chez Amie/theater/schoolhouse arrangement. Langrishe is very kind to Joanie, which makes me like him even more (as if that's even possible, considering he played by the insanely brilliant Brian Cox).

The NG strains to look over Bullock's shoulder at the livery as they watch Hostetler review the sale agreement. "Why ain't he sign first?" Hostetler asks of Steve. "Why ain't I half a foot taller?" the NG asks, attempting levity, but Bullock quietly says that Hostetler is the one he came to first. Hostetler says the deal looks fair and good to him, and that when Steve signs it, so will he. "I'm not a goddamn errand boy, Hostetler," Bullock angrily reminds him, "to mule this thing back and forth." The NG is just as worried and desperate as Bullock to see this shit done with and says he'll sign the damn thing, himself, but Hostetler is firm. He won't sign until Steve does. Bullock is over it, but snatches the paper and walks out.

My boyfriend -- I MEAN -- Adams is finally on the scene, though he gets a berating from Al for having been off visiting Hawkeye. Someone remind me why Al hates Hawkeye specifically? I recall that he dresses like a leprechaun. Maybe that's why? Oh, wait -- is he on the dope? Anyway, Adams is slightly offended that Al hates his little buddy so much and says that Hawkeye isn't really the douchebag Al claims. For this, he earns a smack in the mouth. Not the day to be arguing with Al. "Who you believe you can salvage, Adams, is the douchebag you must avoid, and no effort of yours can preclude some point past help," Al says, and rightly so. Do y'all know how many women would be so much better off if they'd just heed that advice about their scummy boyfriends? ARE YOU LISTENING BRITNEY? The one you think you can save is the very one you should stay away from! Al goes on that if he one day finds Adams dead as a result of his friendship with Hawkeye, "I'll kick your corpse in the ear for the waste of my fucking time." Adams is sufficiently chagrined and gives Al an "okay, Dad," look, finally asking what Al needed to see him about in the first place. Al tells him he's named him to represent him and Cy in this new arrangement with Hearst. Adams is a little surprised he's chosen him over Dan, but Al explains that he needs to have someone who can at least give the appearance of having a willingness to betray Al. "If that's supposed to be a compliment, thanks," Adams says, sighing. Al says he knows Adams is loyal -- and, really, he's right. Dan could never fake a betrayal of Al.

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