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Escapes and Recapturings

The wolves (Summer, who is Bran's wolf; and Shaggydog, who is Rickon's) look at a river next to a road. Up on the road, Hodor, Bran, Rickon and Osha trudge along. Well, Bran isn't actually trudging himself, but he's riding on the shoulders of Hodor, who's trudging enough for both of them. They're not going very fast, so you'd think that Theon would catch up pretty soon. Osha is the brains of the outfit, and she thinks they need to get some food. Rickon is happy to eat walnuts all day. Remember that time he was sitting next to Bran and crushing walnuts a lot? He's doing that again. Bran spots a farm, which he recognizes as the place where they sent those two orphans. You remember those two orphans, right? Bran was holding court a few weeks ago and this farmer wanted help rebuilding his walls because his sons were off fighting for Robb? Right. Rickon and Osha briefly bicker about who can climb trees better. Osha says they can't outrun hounds forever.

Snow wakes up with his arm around Ygritte. She asks if he pulled a knife on her in the night, and then gets less metaphorical: "What's the matter? Can't be the first time you've pressed your bone against a woman's ass." As he unties her legs for the day's trudging, she figures out that he's never been with a girl. He asks her not to use the term "stones" or "bone" in reference to his junk. And now it's time for walking! I bet they're stiff. I mean, they were lying on ice-cold stone, and then they just stand up and start walking?

As they trudge through the scenic, snowy mountains, Ygritte asks if there are no girl crows, and Snow admits that there are no women of the Night's Watch. But he denies that the men do it with each other. She also asks about sheep, or doing it with their hands. Snow is getting very uncomfortable with this line of discussion. She tells him, "I might be your prisoner, but I'm a free woman." He objects that he's also free. She tells him that he's not free because he swore a stupid oath not to touch ladies. Her position is that the free people own all the land around here and he's invading. He points out that Mance Rayder has been sending raiding parties south of the Wall. She tells him that putting up a big wall doesn't make the land south of it his. The whole North is Free People Territory in her opinion. He says that his father was Ned Stark, so if they're going by ancestry, the North is just as much his land as hers. She asks, "So why are you fighting us?"

Ah! Some dead people in a courtyard! How exciting. As we pan up, it appears that we're looking at Harrenhal. Harrenhal has a lot of picturesquely melted stone towers. Then camera eventually makes its way up into Tywin's chamber. Tywin looks at the dart that killed Amory Lorch and says that it's wolfsbane. From that he deduces that it was no ordinary assassin. Or maybe Amory Lorch was a werewolf! The Mountain says they hanged twenty men the previous night in an attempt to scare away assassins (or something; he doesn't really explain what his goal was), but Tywin doesn't care: "The man tried to kill me. I want his name, and I want his head." Seems reasonable. Although it seems like Tywin wasn't actually the target of the assassination. I think it was Amory Lorch, because he's the one who's dead now.

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