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A Man Without Honor

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Escapes and Recapturings

Back to Qarth! Daenerys looks at her empty cages. Ser Jorah comes in to see how things are going. She says that Irri (her main handmaiden) is dead. Dany is sad that she couldn't protect her khalasar. And they can't find Doreah (the other handmaiden), so she's probably dead too. Jorah says he shouldn't have left her alone. Daenerys complains that "her people" could be the Targaryens (her brother) or the Dothraki (all deserted her), so either way she's been left all alone by everyone. Jorah says the people of Westeros are her people, which I think is strictly theoretical. I feel like if she were teleported into Westeros, people's reaction would be less "Hooray! Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen is here to be our rightful ruler!" and more "Oh, look. Another king. Please don't burn down our village." She asks Jorah if she should trust him. He thinks so, but she's done with trusting people. He sidles up to her, hoping that the plot about him clearly being in love with her could advance a little. She snaps at him for being too familiar, and he backs off: "Forgive me, Khaleesi. No one can survive in this world without help." She stays on message and snaps, "Find my dragons." He leaves.

Snow. Ygritte. Trudge. Trudge trudge trudge. Ygritte wants to know how much longer they'll be walking. He says they're close, but he doesn't have details. It's pretty clear to all concerned that he's just wandering aimlessly. She threatens to say that he fucked her when they get back to the Night's Watch. She even practices what she'll say: "Now I can never marry a perfumed lord. Oh, what will my poor savage lord say?" He tells her to turn around, and she works the idea of "He made me turn around" into her story. By this point, she's standing about half an inch away from him. She says it'll be her word against his, so why not have some fun? He eventually goes for his sword, and she backs off and says, "Gods, you're dull." Then she runs, with the rope trailing behind her. If there's one thing people on this show love more than taking hostages, it's letting them escape.

She runs! He runs after her! At least they're not trudging anymore. She gets over a hill, and vanishes. He runs up to the hill and the rope is lying on the ground. She whistles, and heads pop up all around the canyon. Looks like the hostage is on the other foot. She says, "Shoulda took me when you had the chance."

Ah. Sansa's near-rape scene again. Luckily for her, it's just a dream. I mean, it's not a pleasant dream, but at least she's not being near-raped again. She wakes up. Then she looks down at her legs, where there's blood. And there's blood in her bed! She would appear to have experiences the miracle of womanhood. She panics and starts cutting the blood out of the mattress with a knife. Shae comes in and wonders what's going on, which is a fair question. Sansa tells Shae that it's very important that the Queen not learn that she's old enough to have Joffrey's children. I'm not sure Cersei is going to pair her off right away, because if the war starts going really well, they won't need the Starks at all. Shae decides they should just flip the mattress over, which does seem like a better short-term plan. I'm not sure what they're going to do when they run out of mattress-sides. Shae starts to flip the mattress over with Sansa, but another (real) servant comes in and sees them. The regular servant runs off to tell Cersei the big news. Shae runs after her and puts her knife to her throat. But when Shae gets back to the bedroom, the Hound is there. And the jig, as they say, is up.

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