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Escapes and Recapturings

Jaime says Alton was a good squire. He knew when he was needed and when to go away. Most squires overdo things and are always bothering the knight. Someone outside the cage hisses at them, which freaks out Alton. But Jaime appears unruffled (which I guess he always does) and continues the conversation. Alton says he remembers everything about that day, including when Jaime knocked Balon Swann from his horse: "I'll remember it all until I die. It was the best day of my life." He couldn't bring himself to leave the field and go sit with his family off at the edges of society. I mean that literally; apparently Alton's family's table was way off at the edge, while Jaime, of course, was at the important table. Jaime claims to understand how Alton feels, which Alton finds unlikely. Jaime says that when he was 16, he had to replace Barristan Selmy's squire in a fight against some outlaws. And he was very impressed: "He was... a painter. A painter who only used red." Jaime couldn't imagine being able to fight like that, and being able to be part of it was "like stepping into a dream." And just like Alton, he didn't want to leave: "Leaving that battlefield was like being dragged off to prison." Jaime never replicated the experience, because he was an awful squire. He smiles at the memory and says, "It's a good thing I am who I am. I'd have been useless at anything else." Also, he doesn't like being imprisoned. His theory is that some people are better suited to imprisonment than others. For example, Ned Stark made an excellent prisoner. He just sat there nobly and ruminated on how unfair the world was. But Jaime thinks of himself as more of a man of action: "My life has left me uniquely unfit for constraint."

Alton gently suggests the idea of escape. And obviously that's occurred to Jaime. But Starks make good jailers. They're very dutiful. But, says Jaime, there's a way out that wasn't possible until now. Jaime shuffles over to Alton and they look at the door. Jaime says, "You'll only have to do one thing." Alton is ready to serve. But Jaime's specific instruction is, "You'll have to die." Whoops! Bad news for Ser Alton! Jaime beats Alton to death with his chains. A guard comes in and looks at the twitching body, but when he rolls it over for a better look, Jaime loops his chain around the guard's neck and breaks it. He pulls a key out of the guard's bag.

We now see a sheep skull. Someone dips a paintbrush into its eye and paints on a naked guy's back. I don't know if the skull has been adapted to hold paint or if they're painting with sheep-brains. The painted is the lady with the elaborate mask from the Qarth garden party, and Ser Jorah is here to talk to her. She knows he's looking for the dragons. He talks kind of tough, so she tells him to draw his sword and see what his steel is worth. He doesn't. She tells him he loves the Mother of Dragons. Oh, is that supposed to be an impressive piece of insight? Because everyone knows that. She asks, "Will you betray her again, Jorah the Andal? Will you betray her again?" He says he will not. And he's kind of impressed that she knows he's an Andal. She tells him, "The thief you seek is with her now."

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