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A Man Without Honor

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Escapes and Recapturings

Well, Daenerys is in a room with all of the Thirteen, which includes Daxos and Spice Kingpin. So that didn't narrow it down all that much. She claims to be begging, but she isn't, really -- you can't just say, "I beg for my dragons back." There's a tone of voice you have to adopt. And some groveling wouldn't hurt. Anyway, the answer is, "It wasn't very long ago that you were threatening us." She says the dragons will die without her. Is that true? We haven't really seen her doing things that anyone else couldn't do. Spice Kingpin says the dragons will bring the world death and misery. I guess that's possible, but this world seems to have plenty of both of those things already. The head Warlock says he'll help her by taking her to the House of the Undying, where he put the dragons. Oh! Well, mystery solved, then. The creepy Warlock took them.

He made an arrangement with the king of Qarth. Oh, and apparently there's a king now. And it's Daxos! He's going to open Qarth to the world. The rest of the Thirteen are not pleased about this. Spice Kingpin tells him he overreaches, because, "Three dragons the size of cats and an alliance with a charlatan do not make you a king." That's probably true. But Daxos is confident. The Warlock steps forward and announces, "The mother of dragons will be with her babies. She will give them her love and they will thrive by her side. Forever." Duplicates of the Warlock appear all over the room and cut the throats of all the Thirteen. Huh. So there are at least fourteen of this guy? My theory that he just had a twin appears to have been flawed. Dany runs for the door, but a Warlock stands in her way. Ser Jorah shows up and stabs the Warlock. The Warlock's robe falls to the ground with no body in it, Obi-Wan-style. The Warlock tells her to go to the House of the Undying to see her dragons.

Catelyn's tent. Brienne is doing her job, which is keeping people out. But the man trying to get Catelyn's attention has important news: they caught Jaime Lannister! Already? Man, that escape did not go well at all. We didn't even see him running for his life. He's already back in chains so a crowd can yell things like "Justice for the Karstark!" at him. There's a lot of shoving and yelling. Jaime doesn't look so good. He's all covered in mud. Well, I hope it's mud. Now the crowd has escalated to shouting, "Gut him!" And they have sticks, so the crowd has probably escalated to a mob. Jaime falls. Catelyn wants them to leave Jaime alone and return him to the pen. Lord Karstark announces, "Any man who stands between a father and his vengeance asks for death." Catelyn stands between him and Jaime. She dares him to strike her down. Boy, Karstark has really taken a disliking to Jaime. Apparently that guard who Jaime killed was his son. I think that makes him Torrhen. Catelyn reminds him that he's sworn loyalty to Robb, who's supposed to be king. And where is Robb, he asks? Off with that "foreign bitch." Brienne calls this treason. Catelyn tells him, "In the name of my son, the King in the North, stand down." He does, but only for the moment: "When your son returns, I will demand this murderer's head."

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