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Margaery Knows What She's Doing

One member of the Brotherhood says tiny girls were raped and killed at Mummer's Ford. Sandor points out that he wasn't there. The next accusation is about the Targaryen children, who were killed when Robert Baratheon. That was Gregor, not him. Sandor says he can't be called a murderer. But then! Arya shouts, "You murdered Mycah! The butcher's boy. My friend." Oh, that's right. Joffrey attacked Mycah, then Arya attacked Joffrey, then Joffrey had Sandor kill Mycah for treason. Sandor admits it: "Aye, he was a bleeder." But he says it's not his place to question princes. If Joffrey says he was attacked by Mycah, Sandor doesn't take it upon himself to investigate. He gets sentenced to trial by combat, which seems like a rash idea. He's a giant monster with incredible combat skills. I'm not convinced "trial by combat" is a judicially valid concept. Anyway, he's going to be fighting Beric.

But not until next week because we're going over to Astapor. I think we're all looking forward to what happens next with the Daenerys storyline, right? All 8,000 Unsullied are standing in their military squares. And there's probably more than that, since it includes the ones who aren't fully trained yet. The slave master says (through Missandei, who's still there even though she now works for Daenerys) that the untrained ones should probably be tested before they get thrown into an actual battle. And he offers to buy any captives she takes, which feels like he's giving her a standard "Congratulation on your new slave army" spiel. It ends with, "And who knows, in ten years, some of the boys you send here may be unsullied in their turn."

Daenerys looks at the slave master, and then turns to this box she's brought along. There's a cute dragon inside it. It's got a chain on its leg, going down to a stick, which she gives to the slave master. The dragon stays up in the air, so the slave master kind of looks like someone having trouble controlling a kite. As his attention turns to the dragon at the other end of the chain, he tosses her a whip. She asks, "Is it done, then? They belong to me." Yes, they do. The master says, "The bitch has her army." Daenerys smirks a tiny bit, then turns away. There's a great shot of the dragon flapping in the air over her left shoulder. He's completely ignoring her as she calls out, "Unsullied!" in their language. Everyone reacts to the revelation that she speaks Valyrian. Well, the Unsullied don't because they have been trained not to respond. And the slave master doesn't because he's having trouble controlling the dragon. Daenerys calls out, "Forward march!" And then, "Halt!" The master says, "Tell the bitch her beast won't come."

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