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Fire and Water

Robb looks at his war table and he appears to have been doing this for awhile. Talisa would like him to come to bed. He's concerned, since the Karstarks have indeed withdrawn their support and gone home, taking half his army with them. So now Tywin knows he only needs to wait. Talisa says not to let him wait. So go on the attack? Where? Robb says he can't attack King's Landing. Talisa suggests going north again and taking his land back from the Greyjoys so he can wait out the winter. Robb says winter could last five years, which I still think is weird. I'd like to see the astronomy of Westeros so I can understand how a season can take more than a year. Anyway, Robb's bannermen would never ride south again once they got home. They don't have a mission anymore. Yeah, neither do you, Robb. Talisa says, "Give them a new purpose." But she doesn't know what that should be. She can't even find Winterfell on the map. He shows her and points her hand at other things, including themselves and King's Landing. Then he has an idea: "I can't force them to meet us in the field. And I can't attack them where they're strongest. But I can attack them where they're not. And Casterly Rock can't run away. I'm going to take their home away from them." Attacking Casterly Rock, huh? Well, I don't think any named characters are there at the moment, so it might be worth a try. She asks if he can do it. He thinks so, but he needs to replace the Karstarks. And the only army on the continent that's big enough to help and isn't already committed to anyone belongs to "The man whose daughter I was supposed to marry. Walder Frey." He moves a piece.

Okay. First of all, I'm very happy that we had this scene, because I've been wanting to get an update on how the war was going. I'd like it even more if we'd been allowed to see the war table and the map exactly matched the animation from the opening credits, but I guess you can't have everything. Second, if I were the controller of the only uncommitted army, I'd be really reluctant to join any side. I'd never make it big in Westeros, because my impulse would be to keep my head down and let all the real players knock themselves out against each other.

Knights spar in a field as Sansa and Margaery watch. Sansa says, "He's such a splendid fighter. Do you have any idea when we might...." Ah, so they're watching Loras Tyrell. Margaery says she'll plant the seed of Sansa marrying Loras as soon as she marries Joffrey. And she's confident that Joffrey will do anything to please her. She's quite confident in herself, isn't she?

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