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Step One: Cut a Hole in a Box

In Dragonstone's war room, Melisandre picks some pieces off the war table and tosses them in the fire. Davos comes in and Stannis says Robb is dead. Melisandre says her faith has been rewarded. I'd like to take a moment to remind you that Stannis has the best war table. It's really big, and it's got landscape textures. Davos has decided he doesn't care if Melisandre's blood magic killed Robb, because uniting the seven kingdoms with blood magic is evil. Evil! Stannis changes the subject to the war table, which is totally okay with me. Aegon Targaryen had it carved and painted. And he won because he had dragons and magic. The lesson being that if you don't have dragons, you'll probably need magic. Davos says Gendry doesn't need to be burnt as a human sacrifice if one drop of his blood killed Robb. Melisandre says a great gift requires a great sacrifice. Stannis looks out the window and again asks what the life of one bastard boy is against a kingdom. Davos answers, "Everything." Stannis does not waver: "The boy must die."

But in the very next shot, Davos goes into Gendry's cell and hustles him outside. It's time to go, kid. Davos gives him a rowboat with bread and water and some vague directions. "Aim for that star" isn't that useful when it's such a foggy night. He also tells Gendry not to drink seawater, which is pretty useful. Gendry is supposed to row for a day and a night, and he'll get to a city where he can't stay. Then he'll keep the coast on his left until you reach King's Landing. The goldcloaks don't know his face so he'll be fine. Gendry doesn't know how to swim, so Davos tells him not to fall out. Gendry asks why he's doing this, and he says, "Because it's right. And because I'm a slow learner." He tells Gendry to have a bowl of Brown for him when he reaches Fleabottom. Yuck. Like the kid hasn't suffered enough?

Jon falls off his horse when he reaches Castle Black. He doesn't look great, but he recognizes Pyp and Sam. Sam says to carry him inside.

King's Landing. Jaime walks in the front gate, looking shabby. Not as shabby as when he was a mud-covered prisoner, but still not as shiny as he was at the beginning of the series. A guy with a cart calls him "country boy" and tells him to get out of the way. Brienne gives him a sympathetic look. They walk on through the market.

Cersei is sitting in her bedroom, looking at a weird bone of some sort. It's probably one of Joffrey's baby toys. Jaime enters behind her and says, "Cersei?" She looks around and it takes her a second to recognize him. And about when she's figured out who it is, he looks down at his stump. This scene probably starts getting really interesting immediately after they cut away.

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