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Step One: Cut a Hole in a Box

Melisandre and Stannis are very angry at Davos, who doesn't deny setting Gendry free. In fact, he feels good about saving Gendry's life. What a monster. Melisandre says that by saving one life, he's doomed tens of thousands. They were probably going to die anyway. But then, Gendry has probably fallen out of the rowboat and drowned. This isn't a good world for optimists. Stannis sentences Davos to die. But since he's still Hand, Davos formally advises him against it: "You're gonna need me." He has Stannis read the note. The Lord Commander of the Night's Watch is dead. And, of course, "It's coming. For all of us." See? The doom is always coming to everyone. Stannis hands the note to Melisandre, who reads it and burns it. And Melisandre somewhat surprisingly takes Davos's side: "This war of five kings means nothing. The true war lies to the north, my king. Death marches on the wall. Only you can stop him." Davos says someone needs to rebuild Stannis's army and bring in the sellswords and Melisandre agrees! Stannis laughs grimly (which is the way he does everything). He tells Davos, "You've been saved by that fire god you like to mock. You're in his army now." He was in the fire god's army already, wasn't he?

Daenerys stands outside the gates of Yunkai surrounded by her army. Selmy says the people of Yunkai will come to her. Jorah says she didn't conquer them; she liberated them. Daenerys isn't so sure: "People learn to love their chains."

A bunch of people in chains and togas comes out. Daenerys's army is ready for them! More ready than they need to be, it seems to me. Just because you have spears doesn't mean you have to point them at everyone you see. Missandei does the introductions: This here is the Mother of Dragons. But when she gets to "It is to her you owe your freedom!" Daenerys stops her. Since Missandei was speaking High Valyrian, Daenerys is able to take over: "You do not owe me your freedom. I cannot give it to you. Your freedom is not mine to give." She says they need to take it for themselves. They start shouting ,"Mhysa!" Missandei says it means "Mother." The Yunkish start swarming around, and the army gets ready for an attack which is obviously not coming.

Oh, hey. Dragons! They're hanging out near Daenerys's feet. She sits next to them and has them fly around. Offscreen, where they cost less money. She walks past her army and moves among the Yunkish, who keep saying "Mhysa!" and reaching out to touch her. This is the kind of reception that Viserys was imagining getting in Westeros. Then she gets picked up so she's crowdsurfing and the crowd carries her into her new city. The message here is that Yunkai really, really loves her. Did you pick up on that? I guess I have to retract my claim that only bad things happen in this world. Daenerys is doing fine.

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