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Requiem for Ros

It is a row of men on horses. Well, not all men. One of them is Melisandre! And one of the horses is pulling a cart with a cage on it, which seems like a bad sign. The Brotherhood is on guard, although she tells them she's a friend. Then Thoros comes out and seems to recognize her. "Valar Morghulis," she says. Thoros answers, "Valar Dohaeris." Arya is very interested in this. They chat in High Valyrian, which is rude to everyone around them. She asks what happened to turning Robert to the Lord of Light, and Thoros says there were some complications. Then she comments on all the drunkenness. Thoros switches back to Common and asks, "Why are you here, my lady?" I'm pretty disappointed that the name of the language everyone speaks is "the Common Tongue." It's a pretty bland name, and it's also the bland name that Dungeons & Dragons uses for its standard language.

Melisandre is brought into the cave, which I guess could literally be considered the inner sanctum. Beric stands and says, "I don't see many ladies these days." Thoros observes that this is a lucky thing for the ladies. Melisandre studies Beric and touches his eye and neck scars. Thoros says he's brought Beric back from the dead. She says that shouldn't be possible. It's not that she objects to him being resurrected; six times is just too many. Also, she thinks Thoros shouldn't have that power! In D&D terms, she's complaining that a low-level cleric has a power that he shouldn't. He claims again that he's only the vessel, adding, "I've always been a terrible priest." Thoros had decided that all the gods were just stories told to children. He wore the robes and said the prayers for show... until the Mountain drove his lance through Beric. He said the words not for belief, but because, "He was my friend and he was dead. And they were the only words I knew." And the Lord replied. Beric stood up and Thoros knew the truth: the Lord of Light is the true god. Well, he's got evidence on his side. The Lord of Light has protected Melisandre from poison, created a shadow baby and brought Beric back from the dead six times. Let's see what the other god candidates can do. Melisandre asks Beric what the other side is like, and he says there is no other side. He's been to the darkness. Neat! Is that the darkness that's full of terrors? Anyway, this is enough theology for Melisandre, and she gets to the point: "You have someone he needs." That's the end of the scene, although I assume it's followed by Thoros asking who "he" is and why she's talking so vaguely.

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