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Requiem for Ros

Riverrun. Two creepy guys are here to tell Robb that Lord Walder Frey is willing to give him an army, but he has some demands. First, he requires a formal apology for Robb gong back on his promise to marry a Frey daughter. That seems reasonable, and Robb is willing to do that. Next, he demands Harrenhal. That place seems like a really common prize of war. The Lannisters gave it to Littlefinger, and Roose Bolton is the one who's actually holding it. Robb is fine with giving away Harrenhal, since it's not even in the North. So once he doesn't need it for the war, it's fine with him if Frey has it. There's one more requirement: Lord Edmure Tully has to marry Roslin Frey, who is nineteen. And this has to happen within a fortnight or the alliance is at an end. Robb complains that he's in the middle of a war, but Frey's envoy explains, "His recent experience has made him leery of long engagements." Makes sense to me. Promises mean nothing; get the groom at the altar and make him sign on the dotted line.

Edmure does not like this plan at all. He complains that he should at least be allowed to pick his bride from all the available Freys. And he's got a point, since he's not the one who ticked off Walder. He walks to the window and insists, "The laws of gods and men are very clear. No man can compel another man to marry." The Blackfish tells him, "The laws of my fist are about to compel your teeth." I like how that doesn't quite scan. The threat is clear, though, and that's the important part. Edmure thinks if he stands firm, Walder will offer him a better daughter. Robb doesn't have time to haggle. He reminds Edmure that he's supposed to make amends for his rash actions at the stone mill. The Blackfish digs a bit at Edmure for that because he seems to enjoy being mean to the kid. Robb says he's won every battle but is losing the war, so they need to do this now. Edmure says, "I'll marry her." Robb says he'll remember it. I should hope so. The primary reason the Tully family is allied with him is that Catelyn's a Tully, but he regards her as a traitor. I like Robb a lot more than Joffrey, but I'm not at all sure he's going to be the winning team.

Harrenhal. Roose Bolton has given Brienne and Jaime some steak. It's nice of him, but Jaime's having some trouble eating it. He's only got the one hand, so whether he holds the fork or the knife, he can't cut into it. Roose compliments Brienne on her dress, and I believe the unspoken message is surprise at seeing that she can wear a dress at all. Brienne exposits that Roose is a Stark bannerman, so she makes a point of reminding him that she was acting on orders from Catelyn Stark when she took Jaime out... but that's not going to fly, as Catelyn is officially a traitor. Still, Roose hasn't returned Jaime to Robb yet because wars cost money, and the Tywin Lannister is probably going to pay the best. Although ransoming Jaime to the Lannisters could get back to Robb, so, Roose says, "Perhaps the safest thing to do is kill you both and burn your bodies." Brienne grips her steak knife, but Jaime keeps her from any overtly aggressive actions. Jaime points out that Tywin would probably find out about that and take some revenge after the war. Bolton's plan is to send Jaime to King's Landing, which he intends for Jaime to interpret as restitution for the actions of his men in cutting off his hand. And he'd also like Jaime to explain to Tywin that it wasn't Roose Bolton that cut off his hand. It looks to me like Bolton is a pragmatist who's trying to figure out how to extract himself from his current alliances. He'll probably have to vacate Harrenhal, but there's a chance that everyone will forget who's supposed to have it.

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