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Out at Winterfell, Bran is holding court. Little Bran! He's in charge because everyone else is out fighting wars or being forced to marry Joffrey. And when I say "holding court," I mean that literally: local dopes are coming by to ask the Lord of Winterfell for stuff. For example, this guy is complaining about masons and the quality of stonework you get today. He's reminded that he's supposed to maintain his own holdfast, but he says his men are all out fighting. He seems to be getting a little uppity, so Bran reminds him of his vows of loyalty to Winterfell. He gets four masons for a week, if that will fix his walls. He'll take it. Bran doesn't like the way this guy talked about Robb, but Maester Luwin tells him that's something the Lord of Winterfell has to put up with. Someone else comes up, but we have sufficiently established the concept of court, so the scene's over. I guess we also got to see Bran, who's even younger than Joffrey, trying to rule wisely.

POV Evil Dead shot. You know, with the camera zooming through the trees kind of shakily. And there's a red comet in the sky. Weird! The reflection in the puddle tells us that we're seeing through the eyes of a wolf. Bran opens his eyes. Apparently, he's been dreaming that he's a wolf. Or he can see through the eyes of the direwolves, but that would just be crazy. I don't know why I even brought it up as a possibility.

Bran is being carried around by Hodor. The crazy lady (I don't remember her name, and I appear to have just called her "Crazy Lady" in last season's recaps) tells him to drink some tea. [Note: It's Osha, but Crazy Lady is much more descriptive. -- Rachel.] Bran denies dreaming, but she knows better. We see in the sky that the comet is really up there! Bran figures it's an omen in their favor, but you know how hard it is to interpret comets these days. Crazy Lady says the comet means dragons, but Bran says they're all dead. That's weird that Bran dismisses the idea, because I seem to remember him being raised by an old lady who told him spooky stories all the time. I would have thought he'd be a complete believer in all sorts of nonsense. Including the nonsense that actually exists.

Out in the desert lands, there are adorable baby dragons! I like Daenerys' story better in the show than in the book, largely because I get to look at cute dragons. She says she doesn't know how to raise dragons or what to feed them. So she tucks them away in a cage. What? Bring back the baby dragons! And then! A horse collapses. What, is this Luck now? Hah? Get it? Because of those horses that died? That's a great joke right there. Anyway, this horse was Khal Drogo's first gift to Daenerys. If you don't count his penis. Her advisor says everything dies. True. At least on this show. Anyway, they're in the middle of a desert called the Red Waste, and there are bad things in all directions. Daenerys is determined not to let anyone take her dragons. I think the accountants would appreciate it if she'd give them up, because they're eating into the CGI budget. And if they go, that comet probably goes with them, which is also using up computer time.

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