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Even More Kings

A younger Lannister listens to Robb's terms for peace. He demands that Joffrey release the girls, give them Ned's bones and return all the other Stark-aligned corpses. And then Joffrey and Cersei must renounce all claims to the North. And Joffrey and all his men will stay out of the North forever. He looks stern and adds, "I don't need a servant to do my beheading for me." He also announces, "I will litter the south with Lannister dead." He's reminded that Joffrey is officially a Baratheon, but he does seem to buy it. When the Lannister is led out, Theon Greyjoy calls Robb "Your Grace", which Robb feels weird about it. They agree that the Lannisters are going to reject his terms. Theon thinks the war won't end until they take King's Landing. And they need ships, which his father has. He tells Robb, "I'm his only living son. He'll listen to me. I know he will." He insists that although he is not a Stark, Ned raised him to be an honorable man. He raised him to be a bloodthirsty little monster, as far as I can tell, but I guess he hasn't actually done anything but recommend war at every opportunity. He also causes confusion by looking too much like Robb when they're standing next to each other. It was even worse when Jon Snow was still there, because we had three guys with black hair who were all about the same age.

Mrs. Stark (Catelyn if you're nasty, or if you can remember her name on the first try) thinks this is a terrible idea. She doesn't trust Lord Greyjoy, who had a rebellion that Ned put down. She wants him to trade Jaime for the girls. Robb doesn't want to. Catelyn wants to go home, because she hasn't seen Bran or Rickon in months. Remember Rickon? Not if you weren't watching the first season very closely, you don't. Robb tells her Ser Rodrik is watching over the boys, and she has to ride south to negotiate with Renly Baratheon and his hundred thousand men because, "If Renly sides with us, we'll outnumber them two to one." He promises they'll get the girls back and go home for good. Okay, she'll ride at first light. That's dawn. About 6:00 AM. Just call it that.

Joffrey observes people working in the throne room. He tells Cersei he's getting the place remodeled. She tells him Arya's missing and they need her as a bargaining chip. He thinks the Starks put too much value on their women. "A king does not ask. He comands! My grandfather's stupidity on the field of battle..." blah blah blah. You get the idea. He doesn't care as much about getting back Jaime as she does. He asks about the disgusting claim he's heard about his parentage. He also mentions that he does, in fact, have the throne. It's true. It's that iron pointy thing over there. He's got home field advantage. Anyway, his curiosity isn't so much about his own lineage as it is about how Robert got bored with Cersei and was running around with all the whores in Westeros. Then he asks her how many bastards are running around out there, and she smacks him across the face. [Note: Immortalized here, FYI. -- Rachel.] He tells her it's punishable by death, and she'll never do it again. "Never. That will be all, mother." Now she's dismissed. I'm sure there will be no repercussion for this!

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