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Don't Lose the Hostages

She then runs through the castle, grabbing long-haired knights until she finds one that's Jaqen H'ghar. She shouts at him, "Amory Lorch!" Which is how I knew who it was. Jaqen acknowledges that she's named a second name. But she wants him to get right on it, because she needs Amory Lorch killed right away. Jaqen answers, philosophically, "A man cannot make a thing happen before its time." She insists that it happen right away. Jaqen sighs. She glares at him.

Tywin's door opens and it's Amory Lorch. Who falls down dead. Oops! Dart in your neck! Tywin is irritated by this, because even though it's annoying to be surrounded by incompetents, that doesn't mean you want them being assassinated right in the middle of your castle.

Robb strolls through his camp being called "Your Grace." He seems cheerful. He sees that medic, Lady Talisa. She's the one who seemed put out by his war causing young men to get their legs cut off. She questions the name "Lady Talisa" because she's not sure she's a lady. He admits it's hard to remember all the rules, but if she's of noble birth, that makes her a lady. And he's convinced she's of noble birth. She asks, hypothetically, what if she says not and he hypothetically calls her a liar. She wants to know if they'll be there long and he wisely chooses not to discuss troop movements. She says she's not a spy, but I think it's just a good idea not to discuss it. He asks her to dinner.

And just then, Catelyn walks up, accompanied by Brienne. Robb introduces her to Lady Talisa. Catelyn politely asks for her last name, which she gives up this time: Maegyr. She's from Volantis, which is why Cat doesn't recognize the name. Talisa leaves and Cat smirks at Robb. She reminds him that he's supposed to marry somebody from Lord Frey's family. And then a messenger comes up with news from Winterfell, which is probably going to distract them.

Snow and Ygritte reach a cave. She tells him his brothers have deserted him, but she could tell him where to go. He doesn't seem inclined to take advice from her. I guess once you've tied someone's wrists together and attached a leash to them, they're no longer trustworthy. Snow wants to stop right there, which she thinks is dumb. There's no shelter. And he won't even set a fire. "Have it your way." He ties her up (more than before, I mean) and lays her down on the ground. She tells him, "We'll stay warmer if we stay close." She bets he freezes to death before he does. So he reluctantly lies down behind her, spooning her.

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