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Tyrion and his goons stroll through the encampment, which seems like a failure of Camp Security. I realize that everyone knows who Tyrion is, but someone should at least challenge Shagga.

Tywin Lannister does not seem overly surprised to see his son and a bunch of scruffy Stone Crows enter his tent. He just says, "Tyrion." Tyrion, not to be out-cooled, answers, "Uncle. Father." I should clarify that there's another man in the tent, which is the person to whom the "Uncle" was addressed. Tywin is not, as far as I know, Tyrion's father and uncle. I guess it's not out of the question, though. Tywin somehow channels Mark Twain and comments that rumors of Tyrion's demise were unfounded. Tyrion apologizes for disappointing him and introduces his goons, starting with Shagga, son of Dolph. Then there's Somebody, son of Somebody Else and Someone, daughter of Someone Else. He ends with Bronn, son of... he trails off. Bronn says that Tywin wouldn't know him. Tyrion sits at Tywin's table and thanks him for going to war for him. Tywin artfully moves the pitcher away from Tyrion's grasping hands and says he didn't have much of a choice. Tywin starts to give a status report (Jaime is laying siege to Riverrun, which, since it hasn't appeared in the opening credits, I can't process), but Tyrion is significantly behind the times and has to be told that Robert Baratheon is dead and that Joffrey rules in King's Landing. "My sister rules, you mean," says Tyrion. Anyway, Tywin isn't particularly worried about this war, because his opponent is Robb Stark, who he expects to run back to Winterfell after his first taste of battle. Tyrion's actually met Robb and tells Tywin that he's actually pretty belligerent. Tywin, in Tyrion's opinion, would like him. Tywin smiles a tiny, tiny bit.

Tyrion now has to call in his debt (which Lannisters always pay) and ask his father to hand over giant piles of armor and weapons to people like Shagga, son of Dolph. But when he's right in the middle of that, news comes in that Robb is attacking. Naturally, this is described thusly: "The wolf rushes into the lion's jaws." Man, these people and their animals. I wonder how far I'd get if I started insisting that people call me something. I guess I'd have to pick an animal first. Anyway, Tywin asks Shagga to ride with him against his enemies. Shagga's only willing to do it if "the halfman" goes with them, because he's their collateral. Tyrion is stealing that pitcher that Tywin was hiding, and Tywin seems okay with Tyrion riding into battle with them.

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