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A wide shot of Winterfell shows thousands of crows ascending into the sky and going in all directions. This is probably supposed to be ominous or portentious or something, but it doesn't work on me. See, I work at a place that's directly in a crow migration path or something, so twice a year there are thousands of crows making a racket in the parking lot for a week. It was cool and horror-movie-like at first, but now I'm just used to it. So my reaction to this shot was basically, "Oh, is it October already?"

Up in The Eyrie, Sansa's note was apparently intercepted by Lysa. Or maybe she had a different note, because all we know about it is that it says that Ned has been thrown in the dungeon and Catelyn is mad about not being told. Lysa says that she's practicing patience, but Cat is spoiling for war. Doesn't Lysa remember that Ned is her cousin by marriage or something? Lysa says that family is very important to her, which is underscored by her creepy kid announcing that he's hungry and picking at her bodice for some breast-feeding. Incidentally, I'm told the kid's name is "Robert," not "Robyn." [Ed. Note: This seems to have changed from the book, where he's Robert, but the official HBO materials are listing him by the name Robin. ] But Lysa calls him "Robin" and I enjoy the idea that everyone in the Arryn family has a gratuitous "Y" in their names. So if it bothers you, just assume I'm using a nickname. Anyway, Lysa makes it clear that she will not be contributing any soldiers to the defense of House Stark, and then, in order to get Robyn off her, sends him off to get ready to be bathed. By her. Erk. Lysa makes it clear that she's learned to fear the Lannisters, what with Jon Arryn being dead and Bran being tossed from that window. And now Ned being in prison and Cersei being "Queen Regent." As a result, "The Knights of the Vale will stay in the Vale where they belong, to protect their lord!" I kind of hope Robyn is allowed to grow up in peace, because I think he's going to be a creepier lord than Joffrey has any shot at.

Tyrion and Bronn stroll through a lovely trail. Tyrion is whistling a jaunty tune, which makes Bronn worry about their safety. Apparently these hills are full of Hill People. And you know how dangerous those can be. Tyrion does not seem worried at all and cheerfully asks what Bronn's interested in: "Gold? Women? Golden women?" He says that he trusts Bronn, because he's clearly Bronn's meal ticket. Bronn, in a bid to maintain his independence, says, "I'm not your toady, and I'm not your friend" Tyrion's fine with that, because he mostly wants Bronn around to murder people to whom he objects. He also requests that Bronn remember that should someone try to turn him against Tyrion, Tyrion will beat any price.

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