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Wow, things are going poorly in King's Landing. People are running amok, pulling down giant stone statues, rounding slaves into pens... wait, these are the Dothraki. Well, this seems pretty much business-as-usual, then. Luckily for us, Jorah is here to narrate to Daenerys and we get to listen in and find out what's going on. Khal Drogo's men are enslaving "lamb men," which they will give to slavers, who will give them gold. And then Khal Drogo, even though he doesn't officially believe in money, will trade the gold for ships, silk, and steel. That sounds a lot like someone who, if he doesn't believe in money, at least understands how it works. For that matter, it sounds like these slavers are pretty lazy. Doesn't their name sound like they ought to be doing the enslaving themselves? I guess that's not a job you get into if you're keen on doing everything yourself. Dany stops when they reach the spot where all the women are being rounded up for raping. She wants Jorah to stop them from getting raped. The one whose raping turn is being interrupted objects on the grounds that they're only lamb girls. In his view, being raped by a mighty Horse Man like himself should only honor her. He conjectures that maybe the problem is that her piteous shrieks are annoying Dany, so he offers to cut out her tongue. Strangely, this does not satisfy Dany, and she insists that the raping stop immediately. She claims all the women as her personal slaves, which does not endear her to the men. Jorah tells her that she's not actually authorized to claim everyone, but she says that she's doing exactly that.

Oh my! Someone sounds very angry! And they're using the word "khaleesi" a lot, so it's clearly someone registering an HR complaint with Khal Drogo. Drogo tells Danaerys that Mago here says she took his spoils. Before we get to Dany's response, I'd like to mention that Drogo is sitting next to an impressive mound of severed heads. Okay, now that that's out of the way, Dany admits it. She did, in fact, claim "many daughters" so they "cannot be mounted." Drogo says that the women are slaves, with which the Dothraki traditionally do as they please. Dany says that her particular pleasure involves keeping the women safe. And if the men want to rape them, they need to marry them first. This goes over about as well as you'd think, because apparently men don't get into the raping-and-pillaging lifestyle because they want to settle down. Or, as Drogo symbolically puts it, the horse does not lay down with the lamb. Dany is perfectly willing to talk in the language of totem animals, of course, so her answer is, "The dragon feeds on horse and lamb alike." Drogo's enjoying this. Mago is not, and he tells Dany that she's a foreigner who does not command him. She says that as khaleesi, she does too command him. Drogo's had enough and tells Mago to "find somewhere else to stick your cock."

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