Game of Thrones
The Rains of Castamere

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The Social Event of the Season

Walder has Talisa step forward so he can have a look at her. Then he has her come a little closer, claiming that his old eyes don't work as well as they used to. He suggests that rather than falling in love, Robb was dazzled by a pretty woman. He further comments on Talisa's pretty face and her shape, even though it's under a fairly shapeless dress. He explains, "I can always see what's going on beneath a dress." What happened to those old eyes, pal? He speculates on Talisa's lack of...let's call it droopiness. Walder dismisses the idea of Robb falling in love at first sight and says, "I say he betrayed me for firm tits and a tight fit...and I can respect that." So everything's fine, then! He adds that he'd have broken fifty oaths to "get inside that." Hmm. Crass, but I guess Robb has to put up with a certain amount of razzing. And with that, Walder says that the important people get to stay in the castle and there are tents outside for everyone else. He closes the scene with, "The wine will flow red and the music will play loud and we'll put this mess behind us." Well, that sounds very nice. I'm sure everyone will enjoy that, and the phrase "the wine will flow red" will in no way seem like ominous foreshadowing in retrospect.

Daenerys's camp. She has a small map of Yunkai, because she's not involved in a big enough campaign to need one of those big fancy war tables with the hand-carved figures. Daario tells her there's a back door into the city, which his men used to use so they could go get some action from the "bed slaves." Daario doesn't use bed slaves because "a man cannot make love to property." I guess he's never seen that show about the guy who's in love with his car. So his plan is to take two of Daenerys's best men in through the back gate, kill a bunch of Yunkish soldiers, and open the front gate from the inside. Easy! Jorah thinks Daario could be setting them a trap. Daario tells him, "You have a very suspicious mind. In my experience, only dishonest people think this way." Jorah hates this guy. I think it has something to do with the way Daario put his hand over Daenerys's when he showed her the back door. Jorah asks Grey Worm to weigh in, and Daenerys reminds him he's a leader now, so he has to have opinions on stuff. Grey Worm trusts Daario. So they'll be leaving tonight! Daario smirks, as usual. Selmy tells Jorah he could use an extra sword, but Jorah won't let Selmy come along. He's the Queensguard and needs to stay with her, even if he's not proud of it. It's a good point. There have been several assassination attempts against her.

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