Game of Thrones
The Rains of Castamere

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The Social Event of the Season

Bran's crew takes shelter from the rain in a high room in the tower. Osha says got south by going around the Wall through the Bay of Seals. But that's not practical for them. And climbing the Wall seems unrealistic, since Hodor would have to carry Bran all the way up. Jojen thinks one of the abandoned castles will help. And he's probably right, since that's what Sam is going to do from the other side. The rain escalates into a thunderstorm, which makes Hodor shout "Hodor!" in fear. And then! There are riders out there! Riding around and making noise! And the wolves are out hunting! Hodor hodors very loudly and starts pacing around the room. He doesn't like the thunder at all.

Down at ground level, Orell looks up at the tower. So Jon Snow's group and Bran's group are practically in the same place! I'm pretty excited by this, because usually all the stories take place in their own little silos. It's like when you're watching The Amazing Race and there's a shot of one team that shows another team at a different point on the race. Anyway, Orell is looking up at the tower because he can hear Hodor's hodoring. And then! Bran's eyes go white and Hodor falls to his knees and shuts up. Everyone in the tower looks suspiciously at Bran. And then there's the noise of a horse dying out on the ground.

Orell says he heard shouting up in the tower. Tormind suggests that it was thunder. Or ghosts. Orell thinks that's stupid, because thunder doesn't sound like shouting. Tormund doesn't care about the possibility of people being in the tower. They've caught up with the horse guy, so it was his horse that got killed. Tormund takes his knife through a combination of niceness and intimidation. Orell says to cut his throat. Tormund takes out his sword. From behind a cart, Bran and Rickon's wolves (Summer and Shaggydog) watch. Orell says to make Jon Snow kill him, which is a pretty good idea. That's what the undercover cop is always asked to do in the mafia movies.

Up in the tower, Jojen tells Bran to possess Summer and do something. Bran insists he can only possess Summer in his dreams, but the fact that he just did it to Hodor two minutes ago suggests that he's better at it than he thinks. Jojen says he's a warg and should get on with it. Jojen is supposed to be the magical mentor here, but really he's just kind of pushing Bran around.

Jon puts his sword to the man's neck. There's a long pause. Ygritte says "Do it." Orell says he's still one of the Night's Watch. Tormund says to go on. It's certainly taking him a long time. Ygritte finally shoots the guy with an arrow. Orell says this is proof that Jon is a crow, so Tormund says to kill him. Jon shoves Ygritte aside and attacks Orell. Fight! Whee! Tormund grabs Ygritte to keep her out of the fight.

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