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Your Move, Creep

Daenerys strolls through the market with her retinue. She's being regaled by the usual shouting you get in a place like this. I consider myself something of an expert, since I've shopped at seedy markets in Tijuana and Kuala Lumpur. So my advice to Dany would be to strike a bargain before paying full price, make sure the Genuine Rolexes are actually running, and go easy on the bootleg DVDs. Oh, and maybe a joke about not drinking the water. Okay, that takes care of that topic. Moving on! Dany's attention is grabbed by a small, bearded man shouting about how he's selling pear brandy and something called "sweet reds." I was hoping that "red" was just what they call apples here, the way we call oranges "oranges." But it appears to just be red wine. Phooey. He offers the khaleesi a free taste, but he's just using "khaleesi" in the general "person who might be willing to pay some money" sense. As soon as Daenerys speaks, he gasps that she's from Westeros. One of the handmaidens says that Dany is both a Targaryen and the wife of Khal Drogo, so she's got royalty coming and going. Oh, now the wine merchant is much more excited, and somehow even more obsequious. He has a special cask of wine that he keeps in reserve for passing queens. He begs her to drink from it, and one of her more well-muscled attendants steps forward to take it. The wine merchant tells Dany that there are many in Westeros that pray for her return. Just then, Jorah returns and tells the merchant to open the cask so everybody can get a drink. The merchant is shifty and evasive, claiming that this is a wine you want to let breathe. Dany tells him to open it, and I like the way she's backing Jorah up like that. Of course, by this point, the merchant might as well be holding up a sign saying, "I AM CLEARLY GUILTY OF SOMETHING," but still, I always like to see characters trust each other. The merchant pours out a glass for Jorah, who smells it. The merchant praises the fruits involved while Jorah keeps pretending he's just about to drink it. Then Jorah quits screwing around and hands the glass to the merchant. He stammers about how he, a mere wine merchant, isn't worthy of the special Princess Wine, but Dany tells him, "You will drink." He raises it to his mouth, nods to Jorah, then drops it and runs off. The chase is on! He gets pretty far, but Dany's muscly retainer throws something at him (looks like a boomerang to me, but that doesn't seem likely). He gets grabbed and Jorah hustles Dany off. So was the pardon a reward for setting Daenerys up for assassination? Because it looks like Jorah has decided to stick with the Dothraki instead of going back to Westeros.

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