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Previously on Vanuatu, Islands Of Zzzzzzz...: Rory thought that hanging with the chicks was the worst, man. He couldn't have been happier when the tribes merged, unless he were merging with people he didn't hate. The merged tribe was colored orange, was named Alinta, and was rife with irritants. Rory returned to the men he didn't get along with at Lopevi, who were desperate and thus only too happy to see him back in the fold. Not as securely folded were Twila and Julie, who were theoretically part of Team Sarge, but who also felt the magical pull of Ami, who must be much less annoying in person than she is on television, given that no one has shaved her head in her sleep yet. At the individual immunity challenge, Sarge was the fastest in the water and won himself the coveted ugly necklace. At camp, the castaways ate, drank, and were married, but sat in each other's laps anyway. Rory turned the Lopevi stink-eye on Ami, but she was working to ensure that the second chance he was so excited about was very short-lived. Twila and Julie ultimately voted with Ami to send Rory home, leaving the rest of Team Sarge to stare in open-mouthed horror at the utter destruction of what once was their lovey-dovey tribe. There is no room for love in Survivor anyway. What were they thinking? Nine people left -- who will be voted out tonight? I mean, of the three possibilities?

Credits. You know what makes a great decorating motif? Skulls. And you know, the holidays are coming up, so remember -- a skull looks great with a string of popcorn around it. And a Santa hat. Ho-ho-ho!

The moon. Night-vision shot of people returning to camp. They all sit around together, and Ami announces that she's "real happy to be here right now." Ami and I have diametrically opposed opinions regarding her presence, as we do about most things. Chris announces that he is, too. In an interview, Ami gloats that tribal council was awesome, because she foiled the alliance that was out to send her home. In gloating, she uses the word "shiznit," confirming once and for all that she is highly hateworthy, and is not nearly as cool as she believes herself to be. And also, possibly, that she has been locked in a secret hyperbaric chamber away from changes in the culture for approximately five years, because..."shiznit"? Around the fire, Chris observes that it's men against women after all. He goes on to say that he's not used to people being unreliable, and that this was the first time in the game that anyone who was supposed to be in his alliance flaked on him. Twila looks on. Chris interviews that, in retrospect, he may have had a little more faith in Julie and Twila than he should have. Gosh, you think? He calls the position that he, Chad, and Sarge are in "precarious," because it sounds better than "hanging on by a thread so tenuous you can't see it without a magnifying glass." Night-vision Chris ruefully tells night-vision Sarge that he trusted Julie and Twila. Someone should really write a country song about being betrayed at tribal council. Twila pipes up, giving the guys a hint about what went wrong, that she thought she could trust the guys, too, but ultimately, it didn't seem like she could. She goes on to explain to us that this all goes back to when Julie falsely told Twila that she, too, had been promised a spot in the final four. Twila tells us that all she did to the guys was betray them before they got a chance to betray her, although she does admit to having felt guilty.

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