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In The Valley Of Elah-Elah-Elah (Hey, Hey, Hey)

But Brad sees the combat jack here too, and brings it back out of the abstract: "Poke, what the fuck are you anyway? Your wife is half white, you talk like you're black, most of your friends are fucking white, and every once in a while, when you feel like it, you throw in with the Indians." Evan is amazed, still, that this conversation is even taking place. "Is it just that you're whatever race happens to be cool at the moment?" Espera gives it a second of thought and nods. "You got a point, Dog. I don't hang out with Mexicans. Mexicans got $20,000 stereos, lots of guns and every time I go into a liquor store with one, I'm afraid we're gonna rob the place. Mexicans are scary motherfuckers." Ray's bored. "What the fuck does any of this have to do with jerking off?" But before Espera can bring it back around -- and you know he could! -- Casey Kasem calls them to attention, refusing to even acknowledge Brad: "Formation, Devil Dogs. Company Commander will address you."

And boy, will he ever. I think this speech might have drop-kicked Encino Man into Captain America territory, because it is about the most wonderful thing I have ever heard. I hope Brian Wade understands what a fucking cherry role he has here. I can't take my eyes off the motherfucker. Get this shit:

"...And I know you're mad at the Battalion. Because, as you know, I've been talking to you. And I've heard you. And I know you're angry. I know you're angry that the supply truck was burned and you don't have that food to eat. You told me this, and I heard you. But you shouldn't be angry at your command. If you're angry at your command, then you are saying it was our fault that the supply truck was burned. But we didn't burn the supply truck, the enemy burned the supply truck. They took your food from you. That's the important thing to remember. It was the enemy who stole your food from you, and... You should be really really mad at them! Before we step off on this next mission, I'm reminding you of who your enemy is: The enemy."

That speech is the verbal equivalent of an infinite number of Humvees driving over an infinite number of very steep hills. I cannot even believe how awesome that is. I just want to keep listening to it, over and over and over. Now partially this is because the next thing is the worst thing that's going to happen in the whole story, but I must say that mostly it's because I completely love it. How great is that? "You should be really, really mad at them! Your enemy is the enemy!"

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Generation Kill




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