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In The Valley Of Elah-Elah-Elah (Hey, Hey, Hey)

They sit a second and then some mortars drop; Evan jumps and adjusts his helmet. "Shit man," says Ray, unperturbed, "It's really pretty country out here." Evan points out how that's true, if you ignore the mortars dropping, but Ray's philosophical about it. "Yeah, but they're random. I mean, come on man. It's not like anybody's scoping you with an AK. It's not personal like that. You gotta let some of this shit go." Ray has never made more sense to me in this entire story. Brad gets off the radio: the Cobras didn't find anything where they were looking, so they're going to clear a couple hamlets further up the road and see if they can find anything. Oh good, invading actual homes. This shouldn't be horrendous.

They drive past a man with a goat as Nate tells them the mortars are definitely coming from somewhere in this particular village. It is implied, although he doesn't say it, that this is one of those things he's assured of. "Our mission is to detain all males and search all structures." The place is pandemonium, all these women and children running around screaming and wild, teams checking in on the radio, military-age males trying to escape north. Ray parks and chuckles. "Check it out, Brad. It's gonna be our own episode of Cops." That's remarkably what it's like. They crash into a bunch of houses, one by one, while One-B and Two force all the people onto the ground outside, screaming and shouting. They empty the houses and keep going, hut after hut, clearing them, bitching quickly. Some lady shoves Brad but he keeps working, moving to the next hut and the next. It's kind of a blur. Ray shouts, in one nicely appointed hut with bead curtains and a TV, "Brad, check this motherfucker's crib out! Hajji be pimpin', yo!" It does not matter how many times you say "pimpin' yo," Ziggy, you are never going to sound like anything other than a total idiot. It's just not something your mouth was made to say.

Outside, some awesome lady is giving Espera ten thousand pounds of shit. He shoves her down into the general pile of screaming kids and women, all of whom look like they're about this close to ripping his fucking head off his neck. "Chill, chill!" He looks at Lilley. "Man... This brings me back to my days as a repo man in LA. You know what I'm saying? Women are always the fiercest. You always gotta look out for the women. Doesn't matter if it's a black bitch from South Central or some rich white bitch from Beverly Hills. Don't matter if you got a gun or whatever. They'll come after you, screaming. Like women think they're protected." Funny how much of a cunt a woman turns into when you point a gun at her kid's head. They are mysterious creatures.

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Generation Kill




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