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The Sky Is Blue

Meesh is doing his usual gross runaround lying spin with the people, and Nate's finally had it: "Meesh, seriously, what's this guy trying to tell me? ...What's he trying to tell me right now?" Meesh is so... fucking oily and creepy, he's like the Baron Harkonnen of Arabic translators, slugging his beer and freaking Nate out on that level too: "They want to show us the locations of the Republican Guard, Ba'ath Party, and Fedayeen forces. Maybe some weapon caches, maybe even some chemical weapons." Nate's like, "Awesome, something that actually makes sense in a logical way!" But not so fast, there. "No, no. That's not how we're rolling, eh? We are pulling out of here soon. But rest assured Godfather has a legit plan to exploit the situation. We are going to give these righteous people IR chemlights. They are going to set them up where the bad guys are, and mark them for the bombers who are going to bomb the shit out of whatever's marked. American Air Force. The best in the world!" He brandishes a briefcase full of chemlights and Nate's like, for real? "How do we know this guy isn't just going to put these chemlights on the homes of people he owes money to? How do we know for sure that he's even on our side, Meesh? How do we know anything unless we properly debrief these people and check their intel?" Meesh's entire fucking answer is to offer him a beer. Nate takes off, because Option B is to punch Meesh's stupid head off, and Meesh says something stupid and sniveling, and takes another beer from some tiny child.

Another lovely sunset, and then there's Ray ranting in the night. "You should write this down, reporter. See, the war's actually not about pussy. It's about NAMBLA. You know: North American Man-Boy Love Association. See, places like Thailand where they used to fuck little boys and shit, they're drying up. We're opening up Iraq for a whole new supply of kids, man..." I still don't entirely get that speech. Sure is creepy, though! Brad stares down at the light of the blue force tracker, and shushes him, but Ray doesn't see the point: "Right! Because we're gonna drive 40 kliks off-road in the dark to an airfield with Republican Guard on it by ourselves." (Guess what?) "And they say that I did too much acid in high school. Christ, the business end of Mattis's crack pipe must be hot to the fucking touch..." Brad hears something, and interrupts Ray's complaints with a terse "Get down." He shoves Ray down, just as the shots ring out. There's major gunfire in the night. It's friendly.

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Generation Kill




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