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Some First Platoon guys, I think, show up and start needling FNG about the camel deaths. Trombley's like, "UM, I TOTALLY KILLED SOME HUMAN BEINGS TOO. I AM SORRY ABOUT THE INNOCENT CAMELS, BUT THE IMPORTANT THING IS THAT I MURDERED SOME PEOPLE TOO. THANK YOU." Brad tells them to fuck off and go write up their complete failure to find the airfield in any way. Trombley feels good about himself for a second. Uh oh.

Fucking Sixta shows up all slow-burn eye-twitchingly nails-on-chalkboard fuckfacedly and yells at Garza for approximately a thousand years about the lost helmet, turning it into a tirade on Iceman about how this is why Grooming Standards blah blah, and Iceman's like, "Roger." Sixta gives him a wink -- "You know this is how Sergeant Majors roll, right? We get it, right?" -- and takes off. Except the way in which he is a mentally impaired cocksucker has zero to do with Sergeant Majoring and everything to do with how I want a time machine so I can go drown him like a kitten and save the world from his horrible ass. "I'm not the fucking retard who lost a whole supply truck," Garza notes, causing Ray to giggle madly, and lighting up Brad's entire face. Word.

Evan spots some people dragging a boy on a sheet, wailing in the distance. "One humanitarian ration for two blowjobs," Chaffin says, "That's the going rate in this part of the world." If I thought his racist white trash ass could even spell "humanitarian," I'd think twice about defining it for him, but really he's just a write-off. On the other end of the spectrum, Doc fires himself from his hero cannon directly at the people at the speed of wonderful, dragging a Marine called Stiney with him.

He kneels at the boy's side, mother wailing on the other, and touches his face. "Hey buddy, can you hear me? Good." Guys start running up; he cuts the kid's shirt and ascertains the caliber. "Marines shot this kid. Fucking jackasses. Trigger-happy motherfucker." Stiney, heart breaking, runs off to find the Battalion surgeon. "We need to casevac this kid or he's dead," says Doc, and goes back to the kid. There's another injury nearby; Q-Tip and Stafford arrive with stretchers, also freaked out. "You're a very brave kid," he says, all the comfort in his tone, and looks at the mom. "He's very strong, all right?" The surgeon clears the other patient -- calf shot, no arterial bleeding -- and Evan watches, just as upset as everybody else. "Why aren't they angry?" Meesh says his usual bullshit, and Doc's like, fucking stop. "We're fucking Recon Marines! Our whole fucking job is to observe. Not make these kinds of mistakes. And we don't fucking shoot unarmed kids." Evan asks where it happened, and Meesh finds out: "Dude, they were tending their camels and shit, so who knows where it was." Q-Tip starts shaking. "Fuck, man. Trombley did this."

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