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"...I'm afraid of dogs," Trombley offers, after awhile. Ray laughs. "You're afraid of dogs? What, were you bitten in your formative years?" Evan laughs quietly, because Evan laughs at everything Ray says, because if we didn't have Evan's reaction shots every five seconds we might notice that Ziggy's still a subpar actor with moments of genius. "My dad was once," Trombley offers in a schoolyard tone. "Dog bit him and my dad jammed his hand down the dog's throat, ripped up his fucking stomach." He tells this lie like they're going to be impressed, but because they're not teenagers, they don't actually care. I mean, maybe it's not a lie, but it sucks the same way as though it were. dood thats so fuking hardcorre thats some faces of deth shit right there like yr old man mst hav fuckn balls of steel i bet. Ray whispers quietly, in a fearful and still disgusted tone, "Where did we find this guy, man?" Trombley tries again: "I like cats." Still not getting the response he wants, not even from Evan, not even after trying three different ways to get them to look him in the eye, he sighs and stares out the window. Something else, then. Something he's good at.

Tall grass on either side, then a small village. They keep saying "hamlet" which always makes me think of Doonesbury in the Viet Nam years. What is a hamlet? My mom was getting her Masters when I was a kid and she used to read me all her assignments, but I was so young I didn't really process a lot of it. I thought Hamlet and Prince Rillian were the same guy for like ten years, that's all I remember. Oh, and Oedipus and King Lear and the guy from Rapunzel all got blinded, so I drew these weird connections and decided that people get blinded constantly if they don't watch out. (I still kind of believe that one.) I also thought Jesus, Napoleon and Hannibal had a huge war in Israel, in which they rode principally on the backs of giant elephants, and this took place sometime around The Pyramids, BC. History was a lot cooler when I was stupid.

Sorry, what's a hamlet. A hamlet is defined as "smaller than a village," which is itself "smaller than a town." Okay, that mystery was not very mysterious, as it turns out. So Brad and Patterson are watching this hamlet, which is doing nothing interesting unless you find poverty stricken civilian families with children going about their fucking business in a war-torn nation and not doing anything to hurt anybody particularly interesting. The word for father is "Abooy"; the word for mother is "Um-mi." These kids would say "Baba" and "Mama." The word for milk is "haleb."

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