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The Sky Is Blue

Charlie's missing for some reason, so they pull over into a herringbone for awhile. Q and Christeson range out to keep watch, back to back, maybe five yards apart, singing "Hot In Herre" with creepy changes to the already creepy lyrics: With a little bit of uh-uh and a little bit of.../ I was like good gracious, check out my traces/ So dangerous, tryin' to show patience/ Lookin' for the right time to shoot my steam, you know/ Catch 'em when they're running at the back of the knees/ I'm leavin, please believe me -- oh! -- Me and the rest of my heathens... "Pop it... How'd that line go?" (I don't even want to know what they did to make it worse, but the line is Check it, got it locked at the top of the Four Seasons, if you're keeping score at home.) All of a sudden Christeson's freaking out: he's spotted two guys in black pajamas, at what he thinks is 200 meters but probably isn't. Without turning around, Q-Tip asks if they're armed, and Christeson hopes/thinks they are. Q-Tip clears it with Gunny Wynn, and Christenson aims, breathes, and gets ready to fire too low. Everybody's on comms, and Nate runs over to adjust Christeson's aim while everybody else is Oscar Mike. So it's a very confusing hail of gunfire, half the comms not working, while everybody gets moving. Christeson and Q-Tip jump on the back of their moving Humvee and Christeson almost giggles. "You know what? We were just fighting actual guerrillas." What do you say? "Screwby."

Nate calls out, again and again: "Hitman, Hitman, this is Hitman Two. Do you copy? Over." Nothing. "Hitman, Hitman, this is Hitman Two. We've suppressed an RPG team. How copy? Over." Nothing. "Hitman, this is Hitman Two. Do you copy? Over. Hitman, this is Hitman Two. Do you copy? Over."

Wynn almost slams into the back of another vehicle as they're speeding through the dust; he slams on the brakes and Nate jumps out. He runs to Brad, asking why they stopped randomly, and Brad doesn't really know: "Bravo Three got an order from Hitman" Nate didn't get the order; nobody should have gotten that order: "Sir, this is contrary to our SOP We're bunched up in the open, and that town is definitely hostile." They stare out at the town. "Hitman, this is Hitman Two. Do you copy?" Patterson doesn't know either; he drops beside them. Captain America comes running up, sweaty and freaked out (surprise!): "Jesus Christ, Nate! You're alive!" Nate asks him WTF and he's like, "You were taken out by an RPG team!" Espera stares at him. "Gunny Wynn's dead!" Nate nearly rolls his eyes. "If you need a ride, Nate, mi casa es su casa..." Nate points out that none of this, obviously, is true in any way, and tries to explain how the sky is blue and this is all an error having to do with the RPG team Christeson already took out. "This is the type of Viet Nam shit gets a whole company wiped out!" Captain America says, running wildly in circles with his stupid eyeballs bugging out.

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Generation Kill




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