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Platoon Three's patrolling -- you can spot them by the set of Captain America's mouth -- when Kocher spots a guy taking a crap, and starts yelling in Arabic. They're closing on the guy when Captain America comes running over a berm, screaming, and crashes into them, dropping the guy and the Marines on the ground. He stabs at him with a knife, again and again. It's a pile. Captain America keeps screaming. They wrestle Captain America away, and pull the guy up off the ground. They finally stop the fight, and Kocher's once again amazed. "Jesus, Eric. I thought that hajji was killing you. I fucked his shit up good, didn't I?" Somebody pulls the knife out of the guy's ammo magazine, shaking his head. "Better luck next time, sir..." There is the suggestion, once again, that Captain America's hamster has fallen off its wheel. I think the hamster must be as fucked in the head as Captain America. They wander away from the scene, and Captain America laughs nervously as usual. He's like a faulty jack in the box that just needs to explode, because that's what he's been designed to do.

Walt is weary. Ray and Brad watch RCT-1 blowing up Al Kut while they sit with their hands tied. Brad reminds everybody around that Kocher's team is patrolling the zone, so don't engage on the left beyond eleven o'clock. He cuts the world in half, right, but more importantly: that's what you do when your guys are out in front of you. You figure out where they are, and you don't shoot them. Right? Eric drives up with his prisoner tied up on his hood, takes him in for field interrogation. He quietly reassures Captain America that it's going to be reported as his snatch, I guess because it's no skin off his ass. Or it could be that whatever tales the guy tells, Captain America should be the main character. I'm not sure Captain America gets it either: he stares at nothing, weirder and crazier than usual.

Day. Eckloff and Godfather get off a chopper, coming back from a meeting with Mattis, and address the Platoon leadership. "As of 0915 hours forward elements of Colonel Dowdy's regiment seized the main bridge over the Tigris river in Al Kut. As you know, I just returned from a meeting with General Mattis. What you don't know is that shortly after Dowdy led his regiment into Al Kut, General Mattis relieved him of his command." Casey Kasem stares, because like Godfather this is the thing he understands: punishment/reward. Leadership for its own sake; the natural choreography of smoke and mirrors that says the violence of action is better than tactical surgery. Maneuver warfare. The thing about broadcasting static is that all you hear is static, too. They cut the world in half.

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Generation Kill




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