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"Hey Dog, you know when I was gonna write a book about my life as a repo man in LA, you know what I was gonna call it? Nobody Gives A Fuck. That's right, nobody does. You know the ideal place and time to repo a car? Crowded parking lot, mid-afternoon. You can jump in the car, drive that bitch off with the car alarm blaring, nobody's gonna stop you. Nobody's even gonna look at you. Know why? Nobody gives a fuck. In my line of work, that was key to everything." Brad, down in the pit once again, gives a fuck: "We kill civilians, we're gonna waste this fucking victory. We can't keep doing this." Espera tells him to relax, reminds him he's the Iceman: "The only thing we gotta worry about here are fucking do-gooders. Luckily there's not too many of those."

Nate arrives, just in case somebody's attempting to give a fuck, and after a struggle he talks Brad out of the hole: "I will not let you blow yourself up trying to maintain property values in Baghdad. That's a no-go." Everybody tries to remember not to give a fuck while staring wildly at everybody else, because Brad really wants to actually do something, and Nate's afraid of what might happen if he does. Gunny Wynn sounds the order again, and Nate stares right at him: "Get out of the hole. We're done here, Brad." Brad is still giving a fuck and it is tearing him up; Nate is giving a fuck and it's killing him. The entire point of war is good men doing good things that nobody else can do. So if the best men among them are coming up against this like an allergy, doing everything they don't want to do and cockblocked from doing the actual good they should be doing, what does that tell you about the quality of the war itself?

Ray and I think Manimal stand on a football field, trying to buy hooch from some Iraqi dude, arguing about how the secret to great porn is that you never see the guys' faces, but then what if he's eating her out, then you have to look at his face. Because, I'm not entirely clear on this, but I understand that the face area is an essential part of cunnilingus. Somebody asks what kind of gin it is, just as Nate's walking by: "Kind that doesn't come out when there are officers or senior NCOs present," he gruffs, making Ray laugh. Somebody explains to Q-Tip that they're racking out in Saddam's kid's soccer stadium: "He'd torture them if they'd lose." Dirty allows as how probably this made them good players, and Ray talks about how it's their last night in Baghdad, sipping his gin: "LT's just got to hand in his write-up, so Ferrando can get all the medals and streamers lined up for Battalion. And I heard Eckloff saying that we're moving to a base just south of the city tomorrow." They take that in. I like the guy playing Eckloff but I wish we'd gotten to see more of him being a dick, because not even Eckloff makes Godfather okay.

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Generation Kill




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